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From: Pam Reid <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] KS USGW Archives
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 1998 17:23:18 -0400


I really don't see where our points of view are so differing that we can't
come together with a compromise. It really isn't a matter of selecting an
option. It is a matter of records being submitted to USGW. Where do these
records belong? IMO, anywhere and everywhere that a researcher might be
able to benefit. So, why is having a copy of each record available in the
USGW Archives a point of argument? I am very impressed with the partnership
KansasGenWeb has forged with the State Library. This is a feather in the cap
of the Kansas Project and a wonderful example of the kind of parterships
that can be built to further the purpose of historical and genealogical
research on the internet. Still, the USGW Archives has a valuable purpose
that should not be overlooked nor downplayed.
The best of both worlds is to make the records available in both places.
Easy answer!

M. Reed wrote:

> Pam - this is one of the reasons I thought this discussion should take
> place on the Board list. We are indeed talking about official USGW
> Policy.
> The question is - when we as USGW are presented with 2 options, should
> we not choose the options that offers the most advantages? Just imagine
> the benefit that would inure to USGW if each & every state had an
> arrangement with their official State Library? If each XXGenWeb Project
> was considered a partner with their state government? Can you imagine
> the prestige & stature that would give USGW?
> I am not saying we should "dump" Rootsweb or anything of the sort. I
> personally don't have a problem maintaining text copies of files on the
> ftp server at Rootsweb so it can be part of the future national search
> engine. But the access that the official USGW Archives page provides
> should go to the very best presentation that state has to offer. It's
> better for USGW, it's better for that state, & most of all, it's better
> for the resesarcher! I invite you all to go look at Skyways at
> Go see what they have to offer USGW
> and how this partnership really is the wonderful benefit that the KS
> CC's already know it is!
> Maureen Reed
> Pam Reid wrote:
> >
> > Nancy,
> >
> > I don't disagree with what you say about KS and Blue Skyways.
> > However,
> > I still say that the "official" repository for records donated or
> > submitted to USGW should be the USGW Archives. This does NOT mean
> > that
> > the records should not be in both places---there are good reasons for
> > them to be on both. Also, I never said that records should ONLY be in
> > the "official" USGW Archives. I only said that a copy SHOULD be
> > there.
> > This is the official USGW Archives and many, many people use the
> > archives who never visit county sites. I am sure that just as many
> > visit county sites and never use the archives. Therefore, there are
> > good reasons for the records to reside in BOTH locations and most
> > submitters want as much exposure for their submittals as is possible.
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