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From: "Bridgett Smith" <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] our meeting
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 14:37:07 -0700


In all honesty, I am truthfully trying to understand where you are
coming from on the GC board idea. However, below you just
described how an email mailing list works (if I understood what you
wrote), and if so, we have one in place -- this one -- so why make
things more complicated?

As difficult as it is becoming to gather us *all* together for our first
meeting via IRC, it seems to me that that isn't a viable option.
Someone gets left in the dust.

I have mulled over your GC board option, the only problem that I see
with it at this time is that your description of it and how it works
seems to me the same as the Board-L list -- and now can't see the
reason to replace this list. Could you please go over the advantages
again of the GC board, and how they couldn't be obtained through
this mailing list also?

I am not trying to be difficult, just trying to understand.



On 30 Sep 98, at 13:49, Nancy Trice wrote:

> I have said it's possible for everything posted to a GC board to come
> directly to you, with full text, and you can still filter it into your
> folder. If you want to post a response it's easy to click on the hot link
> to the board in order to post it. If you want to print them out you can do
> so from your email folder as you do now, or as a complete file by subject
> or for the entire board. We can use a GC board and you can still be as
> lazy as you want to be.
> Respectfully,
> nt

Bridgett Smith
SC Rep SE/Mid-Atlantic Region


TNGenWeb State Coordinator

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