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From: "Bremer,Robert" <>
Subject: RE: [BOARD-L] SUGGESTED motion for SW/SC vacancy
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 15:50:11 -0400

Jana wrote:

I have had another idea suggested to me:

The AB asks for volunteers from the region to submit their names directly to
the AB and then appoints from that group of names as per the by-laws.

It is so simple, it kind of boggles my mind :) and it falls right into the


Although the board must make the appointment, what criteria would we
necessarily use to decide among several volunteers if we were to not bother
with polling the region's CCs? I think that a poll in which only 30 or 40
people may respond would still be more representative than the dozen or
fewer that may be inclined to express an opinion on one of the lists.

I can agree that nominations are part of a formal election process and they
would probably take too long anyway. I expect that a couple of people would
be interested in volunteering so that we could go that route.

Does anyone on the board have a particular problem in asking for volunteers
for the open position?

Does anyone on the board have a particular problem in polling the SW/SC CCs
for their preferences among those volunteers?

Does anyone on the board have a particular problem in appointing one of the
volunteers after considering the results of the CC poll?

If so, please elaborate on the specifics. Comments thus far have focused on
the mechanics and on alternate approaches to make an appointment, but
nothing seems to be workable that takes into account the wishes of the CCs
of the region while not conducting an actual election contrary to the

If you have no basic problem with the three issues listed above, perhaps we
can move on to a motion to get this process underway. There are more
important issues which we need to address.

Robert Bremer

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