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From: "Kathy Heidel" <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] New Motion regarding poll participation
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 20:16:05 -0500

Hi Ron,
I see your point and I don't really care who volunteers or chooses to
participates in this poll. My original thought was to get an idea of who
would like the seat and who would best represent the CC's this coming year.
I don't think abuse entered into it, I was just going by what had been the
rule of thumb.
So if I may I will say lets do the poll, and get it going. Let who wants to
volunteer go right ahead and the voters help select. I don't personally care
about the time limit.
Kathy Heidel

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From: "Ron Eason" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 07:56 PM
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] New Motion regarding poll participation

: I am always wanting to include everyone that
: would normally have the right. This is not an
: election and we can't think of it as such.
: I heard from a constituent that was not in favor
: of this motion due to the possibility for abuse.
: If this was an election, then I would tend to agree.
: But in all reality, what are we really trying to accomplish?
: * Are we trying to ascertain a list of nominees from which to
: vote from?
: * Or are we trying to decide who should or shouldn't be
: able to participate in a poll?
: * Does it really matter in the case of a poll?
: * If the poll was about a totally unpolitically motivated subject
: would you still want to restrict who within the region could participate?
: * Will the outcome of the vote by the Board, be biased by who
: in a region was able to participate in a non-binding poll?
: * Is the argument for or against a cutoff date really necessary
: in order to assure a good outcome of this particular poll?
: I guess I don't see the need.
: The number of CC's that could be packed, (If that is the fear),
: should really have no bearing on how the Board votes.
: If this is the case, I would think that Teresa would have been
: on the opposite side, not wanting to let too many new people
: participate, since it might be the new people that are those
: that have been packed???? Unless I am missing something.
: I would think that if one or two new people got to vote, it would
: give a better picture since so many of those that have been here
: for a very long time do not show up to participate. ???
: Therefore, based on my own argument, I would have to agree
: that since this is only a poll, anyone that has been a member as
: of todays date, (9/10/01), should be eligible to participate in this poll.
: Ron

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