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From: Ron & Kathy <>
Subject: [BOARD-L] Motion
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 21:58:37 -0500
References: <>

I move:

That the Advisory Board formulate and send a letter of reprimand to Mr.
Derick Hartshorn, SC of North Carolina, for his unprofessional and
unacceptable actions in the recent case involving himself, Diane Mason and
Daryl Lytton.

That the Advisory Board find Mr. Derick Hartshorn as "Not in Good Standing"
for his offensive and disruptive behavior in dealing with the situation of
Diane Mason and Daryl Lytton as well as other situations where he did cause
offensive email to be sent to various persons and/or mailing lists which
contained material found to be obscene and offensive to those recipients and
that he did cause to be posted to the internet a webpage containing
slanderous and libelous accusations against said named CC's.

That the Advisory Board remove Mr. Derick Hartshorn from any and all
Advisory Board Committees and/or Sub-Committees which he may currently be
serving on and make notification in aforementioned letter that Mr. Hartshorn
is no longer eligible to serve on any such Committees until such time as he
is returned to "Member in Good Standing" by action of the active Advisory
Board; and which action shall not be eligible for change for a period of no
less than 6 months and no more than 2 years, in which time Mr. Hartshorn
will be required to demonstrate to the active Advisory Board how his
behavior has changed to that of being acceptable to his fellow volunteers by
having no further incidences such as has caused this action to be taken.

That this Advisory Board demand and require that Mr. Derick Hartshorn cause
to be published by email to the STATE-COORD list, The USGENWEB-ALL list,
The North Carolina State lists, (both required and non-required), The Bath
County, NC. list and the USGW-DISCUSS a letter of appology for his
interruptions, his forwarding of private emails and his slander of Project
CC's on those lists, most of which the CC's were not subscribed and had no
knowledge of his actions and no form of defense against his actions.

Ronald E. Eason
SE/MA CC Representative

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