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From: LGFlesher <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] BRC Request
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 04:49:24 -0600
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My fear is that voters will vote 'no' on the entire package because they
do not like a single aspect of the proposed changes.

Larry Flesher

Shari Handley wrote:

>The following request was received from the Bylaws Revision Committee on
>Dec. 6, 2004:
>To: USGenWeb Advisory Board
>From: Bylaws Revision Committee
>Subj: Rescind Motion 04-13D
>The Bylaws Revision Committee requests the Advisory Board rescind motion
>Adopted by vote of 12-0 .....that the proposed revisions be reworked in
>a way that they can be presented to the general membership as separate
>amendments, in order that the general membership may vote to accept, or
>reject, each individual amendment.
>Numerous times during the revision process the committee chair has
>(to numerous lists) the excerpt below from the adopted parliamentary
>authority indicating the bylaws revision vote should be presented as the
>current (original bylaws) .... a single yes/no vote to adopt or reject.
>>From Sturgis pg 209-
>"A revision proposes, in effect, a new set of bylaws, and the revision
>presented, considered, and voted upon under the same procedures as those
>followed for the adoption of the original bylaws."
>The BRC is very concerned with the end result if the membership votes on
>each article as individual amendments. The revision is intended to
>existing bylaws. More than two years work has consistently supported a
>single vote on a revision as defined at
> . The process has eliminated one
>current article combining its content into another article and partial
>from other articles has been combined into other appropriate
>The desire that members have maximum voice regarding each article by
>puts the right of the organization to function effectively from a
>"set of bylaws" in jeopardy. The adoption of 04-13, although legal, is
>contrary to the parliamentary authority.
>Approved by;
>Roger Swafford
>Ron Henson
>Paulette Carpenter
>Don Kelly
>Sharon Tabor
>Bob Sweeney
>Denise Wells
>Vicki Shaffer
>Gloria B. Mayfield
>Dennis Muncrief
>Opposed by;
>Not voting;
>Shari Handley (NC ex-officio)
>Bettie Wood
>Is there any discussion regarding this request?
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