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From: "Shari Handley" <>
Subject: Conclusion of Pettys Hearing
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 00:13:57 -0500

The USGenWeb Advisory Board has reviewed and accepted the following
recommendation of the Pettys Hearing Committee for resolution of the
disciplinary hearing of Richard Pettys, Jr. This recommendation is
hereby adopted, effective 21 February 2005.

The USGenWeb Advisory Board Hearing Committee issues this finding in
response to the charges brought against Mr. Pettys by members of the
GAGenWeb Project and recommends that:

1) Because of Mr. Pettys' actions while RC of GAGenWeb wherein he was
not responding promptly to email, not actively supporting researchers'
efforts to find information, and not serving as a good example of the
guidelines and standards of The USGenWeb Project, it is the finding of
the hearing committee that Mr. Pettys shall be found MNIGS. After a
period of one (1) year, Mr. Pettys may apply for removal of MNIGS

2) Mr. Pettys' counties were never "removed" from him, only his
affiliation with GAGenWeb was suspended and that affiliation will not be
restored by the Advisory Board. Therefore, after MNIGS status is
removed, the AB will recommend to the SC of the GAGenWeb Project that
Mr. Pettys' application for any open county be considered at the end of
his MNIGS status just as any other person's would be; however, should
the GA leadership ever decide to reinstate Mr. Pettys, the AB recommends
that it be on a probationary basis depending on demonstrated and
continued good conduct within USGenWeb and GAGenWeb Projects.

3) As an appointee to the positions of ASC and RC in the state of
Georgia, Mr. Pettys' appointment ended upon the termination of the
appointing SC, Tim Stowell, and therefore, he has no further claim upon
these positions.

AB Members voting "YES" (to adopt this recommendation):
Cyndie Enfinger
Kathi Jones-Hudson
Betsy Mills
Jan Cortez
Don Kelly
Gail Meyer Kilgore
Denise Woodside
Linda Blum-Barton
Larry Flesher
Bettie Wood

AB Members voting "NO":

AB Members abstaining from the vote:
Darilee Bednar
David Morgan

Many thanks to each of you for your work on this hearing.

Shari Handley
National Coordinator
The USGenWeb Project

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