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From: "Sundee C. Maynez" <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] Motion 06-10 Voter Fraud Committee Report
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:16:23 -0600
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No discussion from me.

At 04:13 AM 5/25/2006, you wrote:
>The following motion made by Jeff and seconded by Karen is
>numbered 06-10 and is now open for discussion. If you have no
>discussion please signify by responding "No Discussion"
>I move that the Advisory Board accept the report of the Fraud
>Committee as modified in the discussion on AB-chat list:
>Procedures for Fraudulent Registrations
>It is the policy of the USGenWeb Project that a member, where
>duly qualified, may cast only one vote per office, or per
>question in polls.
>In the event a member registers to vote more than one time the
>procedures as outlined in the Election Committee guidelines
>will be followed.
>In the event the EC, per its current guidelines, reports a
>possible case of Fraudulent Registrations to the NC/AB the
>following steps will be taken:
>(1) The NC/AB member will forward a copy of the report to
>(2) The NC will assign a sequential number to the report,
>notify the SC(s), ASC(s), SP(s) and individual(s) named in the
>report that such a report has been received.
>(3) The NC will seek a volunteer from the AB to lead the
>investigation. If there are no volunteers the NC will lead the
>investigation. All parties involved will be given the
>opportunity to provide input. All documentation will be collected
>by the leader only. The AB may use the services of the Technical
>Advisor (see below) in the investigation.
>(4) The person(s) being investigated will be accorded the benefit
>of doubt if reasonable explanations are proffered, and they will
>be given the opportunity for review and comment at each point of
>the investigation.
>(5) Based on discussion of the findings the AB shall determine
>by vote whether or not to remove the individual(s) from the
>Registered Voter List and whether any additional action should be
>(6) The NC shall advise, via e-mail, the parties involved of
>the Advisory Board's determination with a cc to Exec.
>In the event a possible case of Fraudulent Registrations or
>suspected case of aliases is reported to the NC or AB member by
>an individual the following steps will be taken:
>(1) The AB member receiving notification of a possible
>fraudulent registrations situation and/or suspected case of
>aliases will ask the notifying individual if he/she will agree to
>the disclosure of his/her name. If so the AB member will forward
>the e-mail to the NC and Exec. If not the AB member will remove
>all identification of the sender from the e-mail and forward the
>e-mail to the Exec and forward a full copy of the e-mail to the
>(2) The NC shall notify the EC of the situation and ask the EC
>to check its files for possible multiple voter registrations and
>for any information the EC may have that has a bearing on the
>reported situation.
>(3) Items 2 through 6 above will be followed
>(4) The person(s) being investigated will be
>given the opportunity for review and comment at each point of the
>(5) The investigation may be referred to the Board if the
>determines by evidence
>that the accused is not at fault or in violation, and a report
>describing those findings will be submitted for action by the
>Board. If the Advisory Board concurs with the finding, no further
>is required, if the Advisory Board does not concur, then the
>investigation continues.
>Technical Advisor
>The Advisory Board will appoint, by vote, someone to the position
>of Technical Advisor.
>The Technical Advisor will provide advice as requested in topics
>including but not limited to Domain Registrations, Internet
>(TCP/IP), Routing, Electronic Mail, FTP and General Internet
>Applicants will demonstrate education and experience related to
>these topics.
>The Technical Advisor may be requested to provide advice in
>relation to grievances, registration conflicts and other
>situations requiring the Advisor to agree to confidentiality.
>Voter Fraud Committee
>George Waller, Chair
>Cyndie Enfinger
>Darilee Bednar
>Linda Barton
>Suzanne Shepard
>Linda Davenport (ex-officio)
>Linda Haas Davenport
>NC USGenWeb Project
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