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From: "Linda Haas Davenport" <>
Subject: GPC Procedures - Sections 1-4
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 07:11:46 -0500

The next item on the Agenda is the GPC's Procedures. The
Procedures are too large to be posted in one e-mail. They will be
posted in sections.

USGenWeb Project Grievance Procedures

When a conflict arises between two members of The USGenWeb
Project that cannot be resolved informally, either party has the
option of requesting a review of the dispute by the Grievance
Committee. The final decision of the Grievance Committee is
binding on all parties.

Section 1 - Committee Qualifications & Appointments
The Advisory Board will vote to make the initial appointments to
the Grievance Committee after soliciting volunteers for the
committee, posting their qualifications for comment by USGenWeb
Project members on the BOARD-L, each of the Regional lists, and
any other official project lists deemed necessary. Of the initial
appointments four (4) will be for two-year terms, and three (3)
for one-year terms. The Advisory Board will appoint the Grievance
Coordinator for the initial term for a period of one year.
Future vacancies within the Grievance Committee will be filled by
USGenWeb Project members in the following manner: The Grievance
Coordinator will solicit volunteers for the position, and post
their qualifications for comment. Volunteers will be chosen by a
vote of Grievance Committee members, and presented to the
Advisory Board for approval.
Future appointments as Grievance Coordinator will be by vote of
the Grievance Committee members. Elections will be for a two-year

Volunteers for the Grievance Committee will be required to meet
certain minimum requirements for service.
Volunteers must have a minimum of one year's continuous service
as a Member in Good Standing of either a State Project or a
recognized Special Project of the USGenWeb Project.
Because grievances are considered personnel matters, all
volunteers must state that they are willing to abide by strict
confidentiality requirements. Volunteers must also state that
they understand that violation of this confidentiality agreement
will mean immediate expulsion from the Grievance Committee, and
could result in determination of Member Not in Good Standing by
the Advisory Board.

Committee Membership
The Grievance Committee shall consist of seven members of The
USGenWeb Project in good standing. The panel must include a State
Coordinator, a Special Projects Representative, and three County
Coordinators/Local Coordinators who have not served as State
Coordinator or in a national level position within the last three
years. The National Coordinator is an ex officio member of the
Grievance Committee and is not eligible for assignment as the
committee member overseeing an accepted grievance. In the event
that a member of the Grievance Committee is one of the parties
involved in the dispute or has a personal interest in the
dispute, that Committee Member shall retire from involvement with
any aspect of that grievance.
In the event that a Grievance Committee member changes positions
in the USGenWeb Project during their term, they may remain as a
representative of the position for which they were appointed
until the end of their term. This does not apply in the case of
the committee member's election to the USGenWeb Advisory Board,
at which time they would be required to resign and a new
representative appointed after a call for volunteers from within
the project to fill the seat.

Section 2 - Committee Business
Two e-mail lists will be established for Grievance Committee
business. The first list will be archived, and will be available
for all interested project volunteers to subscribe to on a
read-only basis. The list will be used to announce committee
vacancies/appointments, to request volunteers for open positions,
and for discussions of policy and/or procedures related to the
Grievance Committee. This list will also be used for Grievance
Committee assignments and announcements. No discussion of
specific grievances will be held on the public list.
The second list will not be archived, and is considered strictly
confidential. Only Committee members will be subscribed to this
list. Any questions or concerns related to specific grievances
will be raised ONLY on the confidential list. The confidential
list may NOT be used for public business, or in an effort to
avoid public disclosure. To avoid the appearance of conflict of
interest or impropriety in the case of an appeal of the Grievance
Committee decision to the Advisory Board, the National
Coordinator will not be subscribed to the confidential list or be
eligible to vote on matters related to specific grievances. The
National Coordinator will have full voting participation in other
Grievance Committee business.

Section 3 - Duties of Grievance Committee Members
Grievance Committee members act as administrators/advisors to
volunteer mediators and arbitrators, following complaints
assigned to them throughout the grievance process. Should a
complaint progress to an arbitration hearing, the Grievance
Committee member will be responsible for acting as Chair for the
hearing. Grievance Committee members will not take direct part in
mediations under their guidance, and will not have a vote in
hearings they may chair. Grievance Committee members are
responsible for tracking the progress of complaints until
resolved, and making status reports to the Coordinator and/or
Committee as may be necessary, with a final status report upon
resolution of the complaint.
Additional duties of the Grievance Committee include:
Recruit and train volunteer mediator/arbitrators;
Review incoming grievances to determine compliance with Sections
5B and 5C of these procedures to determine if they should be
assigned to volunteers;
Review the outcome when a process is completed.

Section 4 - Duties of Grievance Coordinator
The Grievance Coordinator will be responsible for receiving
complaints, numbering them, and assigning them to a Grievance
Committee member to administer. The Coordinator will also be
responsible for maintaining a list of volunteer members to act as
mediators, as well as a list of volunteer arbitrators, and
assigning them to complaints as needed. The Grievance Coordinator
will make a Quarterly report to the Advisory Board on the number
of complaints received and resolved, and provide other
information as needed by the Board.

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