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From: "Linda Haas Davenport" <>
Subject: GPC - bylaw amendment
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 07:19:34 -0500

By-Law Amendment
We, the members of the USGenWeb Grievance Procedures Committee by
the attachment of our names below, indicate our request that the
USGenWeb Advisory Board propose an amendment to the USGenWeb
By-Laws pursuant to Article XVI Section 5 upon the Advisory
Board's approval of the Grievance Procedures created by this
committee. The urgency of the matter is due to the existence of
both USGenWeb By-Law and Standing procedures directly conflicting
with the adoption of the Grievance Procedures.

We further request following amendment to the USGenWeb By-Laws,
as follows:

That the standing procedures related to Mediation are repealed,
and that the USGenWeb By-Laws, Section XIV, Sections 1 and 2,
entitled "Grievance Procedures and Appeals Process" are repealed,
and to enact in lieu thereof a new Section XIV entitled
"Grievance Policy and procedures".

Be it enacted by the membership of the USGenWeb Project, as

Section 1. That there shall be established a Grievance Committee
as a standing subcommittee of the USGenWeb Project.

Section 2. That the USGenWeb Advisory Board will appoint the
members of the initial grievance Committee, and that subsequent
members chosen from qualified applicants per the terms of the
Grievance Policy and Procedures.

Section 3. That the responsibility of the Grievance Committee
shall be to administer fair, orderly, and speedy resolutions of
disputes in accordance with the Grievance Policies and

Section 4. That the outcome of a grievance, whether settled by
mediation or by arbitration, is binding upon the membership of
the USGenWeb Project.

Section 5. That it shall be the policy of the USGenWeb Project
that all actions, whether under the national Grievance Committee
or of a local grievance or process at the state or project level
shall be characterized by fairness, courtesy, and respect for the
dignity and the rights of each individual involved.

To that end, the following rights and responsibilities apply to
all grievance processes within the USGenWeb Project, XXGenWeb
State Projects, and Special Projects of the USGenWeb Project.
1) A member may choose to act as his or her own representative
at any step of a grievance. If representation is desired, the
member may select a representative, provided the member who is
selected does not have a direct interest in the outcome of the

2) In actions resulting from the dismissal of a member from his
or her position within a State, Local, or Special Project, the
dismissed member may not be replaced until the expiration of the
time for the filing of a grievance, or if such grievance is
filed, until it's resolution. Nothing shall prohibit the
recruitment of a temporary coordinator to maintain any website.

3) No member shall be discriminated against for exercising their
right to request action by the Grievance Committee, for
participating in a grievance as a witness, or as a representative
of a party to the grievance, and no disciplinary action shall be
taken against a party for their involvement in the grievance

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