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From: "Linda Haas Davenport" <>
Subject: Grievance Procedures - Conflict?
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 06:39:47 -0500

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From: "D. Joshua Taylor" <>
To: "'Linda Haas Davenport'" <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 8:50 AM
Subject: Are the GP in conflict with the bylaws?

First, allow me to apologize for my absence lately - between
family matters
and other issues I am just barely catching up.

Linda has done an excellent job of illustrating what Sturgis has
to say on
the matter. From a parliamentarian's prospective, I can say that
committees are almost always specially listed within the bylaws -
to ensure
their creation. Because bylaws rank higher on the hierarchy of
parliamentary authority for an organization, the listing of a
committee in the bylaws protects its existence.

While the AB has the right to delegate its authority of "advising
and mediating" to a committee, it must ensure two things: 1) That
an individual requesting "advising or mediating" will always have
the option for the AB to examine the matter, and 2) that the
committee created by the AB shall always be in existence.

In most organizations the creation of committees is not taken
lightly, as often, especially in volunteer organizations there
are more committees than volunteers. A standing committee is
fixed, permanent, and always part of an organization.

While I personally, from a parliamentary perspective would feel
better if the GP committee was listed as a standing committee in
the bylaws, there is nothing in Sturgis that claims it has to be.
The fear is that an AB will be unable to seat the GP committee,
due to conflicts, time, etc. and cannot be forced to do so if the
committee is not a standing committee listed in the bylaws. That
being said, we have to remember that USGenWeb, like all "virtual
organizations" is constantly evolving and attempting to adapt to
years of strict parliamentary procedure. It is my opinion that
the USGenWeb Advisory Board should work to establish policies
that are in line with Sturgis, but still allow for the
flexibility and realistic management of the project.

D. Joshua Taylor
AB Parliamentarian

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