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From: "Mike Peterson" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Challenged NVGenWeb Election - Response To Challenge
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 23:11:03 -0800

To the members of the USGenWeb Advisory Board:

I know it hasn't been asked of me yet, but I have our daughter's wedding coming up in a few days & not sure if I will be available. If I can answer anything later, I will, but for now this is my initial answer to Mr. Smoot's challenge of the NVGenWeb Election for SC.

On October 8, 2006, the SC of NVGenWeb, Patricia Scott, posted a message to the NV mail list:
NVGenWeb does not have guidelines for state elections. There were no answers to her posting.

Several days later, a request for help with NV election (from Patricia) went out & I volunteered to help. (The USGenWeb bylaws state in Article VI, Section 3 that one of the duties of the Advisory Board is to assist states.) The offer of help was accepted by Patricia, & I posted a message to the list on October 20, 2006:

The roll call was done & finished by Patricia, the SC. A time frame was set & approved by SC, Patricia. Dates & times for the election were set & approved by SC, Patricia. A web page was set up by me, on TXGenWeb space (I have no access to the NVGenWeb site)
& the site was approved by the SC, Paticia Scott.

Patricia Scott, the SC, asked for vote counters on the State Coordinators mail list, & NVGen list on October 24, 2006:
I, again, volunteered

After the vote counters (of which I was one) were picked out, Patricia Scott posted this message:

The nominees were announced by the SC, Patricia Scott, on 24 October 2006:

A voting reminder of the SC election was sent out by the SC, Patricia Scott, on 06 November 2006

I can see no proof, facts, or support in Mr. Smoot allegations. I will, however, acknowledge that the project bylaws neither allow nor disallow an Advisory Board member to do a lot of things to personally, or as a group, help out any XXGenWeb. I feel one of my duties for being a USGenWeb member is to volunteer when I can. I have most always practiced that, & intend to continue no matter what my position in USGenWeb. If any of you folks out there, reading this, need help, I will be happy to assist you too, if I can.

Respectfully Submitted,
Bettie Wood <><

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