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From: "Mike Peterson" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Challenged NVGenWeb Election - Request For Specific Grounds
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 06:44:23 -0800


Mr. Mike Peterson
Acting National Coordinator
(cc )


For clarity, this response addresses the procedural anomalies with
the actual NVGenWeb election, the gross negligence in conducting the
election, and the fact that USGenWeb Project bylaws were not
followed nor were they correctly interpreted, and had these
violations had not occurred, the result of the election might have
been changed.

On Sun, 8 Oct 2006, Patricia A. Scott, NVGenWeb SC, posts her
resignation to NVGen wherein she states in part, "I would like input
on how you want this to go. Do you want to have an election?
On 20 Oct 2006, Bettie Wood, Advisory Board member posts to NVGen:
From: Bosque Lover <>
Subject: [NVGEN] ElectionSC
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 14:18:09 -0500

Dear NVGemWeb Volunteers
For those of you who don't know, my name is Bettie Wood, & I am your
SWSC Advisory Board CC Representative. Since Patricia Scott has
resigned as your SC, I am in the process of setting up a SC
election. At the moment, this is the way the plans are set to
go--any suggestions are welcome!

1) There will probably be a roll call to make sure we have all the
volunteers included.
2) A time frame will be set to receive nominations (about 10 days or
so for that)
3) A time for campaigning--about 7 days or so
4) Dates & times will be set for actual voting

I will set up a web site with the details, nominations, etc. on it.
What I need to know is--in case of only one nomination, do you all
want to have an election anyway or just go with the one
nominee?Bettie <><
On Oct 20 2006, I responded to Bettie Wood's call for suggestions.
Presumably NVGenWeb has no bylaws so methinks that the USGWP
bylaws would apply here.

Article XII, Section 8. of the USGWP bylaws state "State
Coordinators shall be elected to those positions by the local-level
coordinators within the state."

I see no allowance in the USGWP bylaws for "in case of only one
nomination" so it would seem the we should fall back "The Standard
Code of Parliamentary Procedures" a.k.a. "Sturgis." So it is that
"Sturgis" has been previously selected by the AB as the official
parliamentary procedures for the USGWP and it is "Sturgis" which
should be followed.

My suggestion is that "Sturgis" (pps 159-160) be consulted before an
improper election be held. "Unless the bylaws provide for the
casting of a ballot for an uncontested candidate, the general
provision requiring a ballot for all officers must be complied."

Also, I see no provision in the USGWP bylaws that give the SWSC
Advisory Board CC Representative authority to run a NVGenWeb
election. I would appreciate a cite showing such authority.

Fred Smoot
Bettie Woods response to me:
From: Bosque Lover <>
Subject: Re: [NVGEN] ElectionSC
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 17:41:58 -0500
In-Reply-To: <000001c6f497$457878c0$>

>Presumably NVGenWeb has no bylaws so methinks that the USGWP
>bylaws would apply here.
Yes & that is what is happening. I wrote to Pat & volunteered as a
SWSC rep to help with an election. She agreed, (this falls under
assisting states with any issues that arise Article VI, section 5) &
here we are, assiting with an election as is also stated in the
bylaws, same section. Granted it doesn't say how we should help in
elections, but the offer was made & accepted.

If there is only one nominee, it's a given that that person will
"win" the election, & it is up to the state if you all want to
proceed with the election anyway or just go ahead & declare that
person the winner after the process is finished. Of course there may
be more than one nominee anyway, so we can wait to cross that bridge
Bettie <><

The actual Article and Section Bettie Wood refers to Art VI, Sec 3
which states "The responsibilities of the Advisory Board shall
include: addressing any problem issues as they arise, aiding the
state projects upon request, overseeing elections, advising and
mediating, if necessary, any grievances or appeals, and appointing a
Webmaster to maintain the national website."

Since the Advisory Board has apparently taken no public action (on
Board-L) to authorize Bettie Wood to run the NVGenWeb election, it
would seem that she alone assumed the role of NVGenWeb election
boss. In Art VI, Sec 3, the Advisory Board is empowered to take
certain actions, yet I see no authorization for individual Advisory
Board members to use Art VI, Sec 3 to take rogue actions outside of
the authority of the Advisory Board

This Article and Section does not define "overseeing" elections as
running and controlling XXGenWeb elections, counting votes and being
privy to personal information as to how each person voted. Here is
the Cc receipt that I received from my vote and that Ed Gordon, Gail
Kilgore, Maggie Stewart, and Bettie Wood were sent the results of my

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Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 10:34 PM

> Voter Name: Fred Smoot
> County or Project: Churchill, Pershing
> Passcode: R6hEcH6r
> Email Add:
> SC Vote: Robert Bremer
> Date and Time: Wed Nov 8 23:34:54 2006

"The Standard Code Parliamentary Procedure" by Alice Sturgis (page
2) states "To vote by secret ballot is a fundamental right, but it
is meaningless unless supported by procedures that ensure ...
absolute secrecy, and honesty in counting."

The bogus "Mail Merge" voting system that Mr. Scott Burows provided
offers no protection for the voter's privacy. In fact, with an
Advisory Board member controlling the election machinery and the
"vote counters" (tellers), that Board member would be in a good
position to tip the balance one way or the other. The Mail Merge
system used for the NVGenWeb election is so bad and the potential
its political misuse so great that it should be banned.

On Sat, 21 Oct 2006, I wrote to NVGen:
"... if Patricia Scott resigned as NV-SC, shouldn't Lureigne Gimay
be the SC pro tem?
ARTICLE XII, Sec 10 state:
"If a State Coordinator is unable to perform his/her duties, the
Assistant State Coordinator, or other support team, shall serve
until an election can take place within the state."

Next. I never saw an official request for nominations. On Oct 24,
Pat Scott wrote:
From: "Patricia A. Scott" <>
Subject: [NVGEN] Election of SC
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 12:12:54 -0700

So far we have two candidates for SC: Robert bremer and Lourigne
Gimay. Any others interested in the position need to let me know

Patricia Scott
SC Nevada
On 25 Oct 2006, Bettie Wood posted this:
From: Bosque Lover <>
Subject: [NVGEN] Election
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 16:40:17 -0500

Patricia Scott has requested I proceed with the election for SC, so
with her approval & help here's what has been done so far--
We have 2 candidates:
Robert Bremer & Lureigne Gimay
Nominations have closed

A web page has been set up to keep you up to date on what is going

We have vote counters in place. The voting booth will be set up
soon, but meanwhile we are in the campaign stage of this election.
When the candidates have the campaign pages set up, please let me
know so I can add that to the web site above.

Thank you all for your patience in getting this going.
Bettie <><
There no announcement of who would be eligible to vote.
There was not an official call for nominations.
Neither Bettie Wood or Pat Scott stated before hand that the
nominations would close at XX date.
NV CCs were not included in deciding who would count the ballots.
The manner in which it was handled was incompetent to say the least
and procedures required for carrying out a fair election were not

To be continued...

Fred Smoot
CC, Churchill, Pershing, and Storey Counties, NVGenWeb

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