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From: "DC & Alice Allen" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Fwd: [Fwd: You have been unsubscribed from theUSGENWEB-DISCUSS mailing list]
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2007 01:25:30 -0800
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Hi all,

I know that all AB members should have received a copy of this email from Teresa, and I've been waiting to see if someone would bring it up. It's been 3+ days and no one else has, so I will do so. I don't know if this can be something settled quickly, or if it can/should be added to new business.

I have not read all the Discuss list mail from the past few days to know exactly what got so many people's dander up and caused a lot of friction (to say the least), and the moderation of some and threats of moderation of others, etc., but from what I've read so far I haven't seen anything that warrented Teresa being unsubbed without first being warned, or of being moderated at the very most, as others were. I feel that this needs to be looked into further, and consideration to returning her to the Discuss list, even on moderated status, should be warrented. From what I have read so far, she did not say or do anything to merit a harsher punishement than the others who were moderated or threatened with moderation, yet she was unsubscribed with no apparent warrning. In all actuality, IMHO anyway, her posts seemed pretty tame, compared to some of the others.

Regardless of your feelings about Teresa, she is a CC in the USGenWeb Project, even if she is not a member in good standing at this time. She should be entitled to the same consideration any other member of the Project has, other than those rights forfeited as a MNIGS. As far as I know, her standing does not allow her to run for national office or to vote, but I don't believe she has fewer mailng list membership rights because of her MNIGS than anyone else. If I'm wrong, please point me to the list of MNIGS restrictions.

A fellow CC has asked for assistance. Even if we don't agree with some of the things she does or says, we should put our opinions aside and assist our fellow CC. We are representatives to ALL USGenWeb members, not just the ones who agree with our opinions and beliefs.

Thanks for listening,


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On 2/6/2007 at 7:34 PM merope <> wrote:

>Let's see. David gets a warning. Fred gets a warning and then gets
>moderated. I get no warning and get unsubbed before I even have a
>chance to apologize for sending a private message to the list. Is there
>some sort of preferential treatment going on here?
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