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From: "Scott Burow" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Voter Registration - Closing Date for Registration iscoming up soon
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 22:19:49 -0500


The deadline for registration for voting in this year's election is rapidly
approaching. The Election Committee has been working to clear any data
glitches, verified email addresses, and have attempted to confirm positions
with the appropriate XXGenWeb and Special Projects over the last couple of

It would be prudent for all members to check their registration for
accuracy, and for those new members who have not registered to vote in the
annual election to do so promptly to secure your right to vote. There are
important issues to be decided, and every vote is needed so that the views
of the membership are known.

This evening I was able to check my own registration and found the process
very easy. With the help of the EC Chair, these are the instructions to
register and update your membership:

Register to vote and/or Update your membership:

1. Go to the above site.
2. Follow the instructions on the first page. These will tell you how to
receive a password if you have not already requested yours. Note that this
is *not* a voting password. This password is for the registration records
only. Your password will be emailed to you.
3. Once you have entered your password and ID number, click on continue.
4. The last box on that page, is "Vote in Elections?" Click that box if
you wish to register to vote.
5. Next, click on "Update Record". This will take you to the page where
you can view/edit your records.
6. Here you will see the states and projects listed that the Election
Committee has verified in which you are a volunteer/member.
7. To edit the information (i.e. add a county name), on the line that has
that project, click on "edit".
a. Once you have edited information, you must click on the "Click this
link" to save your information.
8. To add a new project, use the boxes below and follow the instructions
listed on the page.
9. There is a link that says "no changes needed" that you can click on if
your information is correct.
10. The last page enables you to change your password or you can click on

The deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming elections is midnight,
May 31st.

It's a simple process, takes less than five minutes, and it's your
responsibility as members to insure your right to vote is protected.

Scott Burow
NC - USGenWeb Project

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