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From: "Mike Peterson" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Motion 07-17 - Proposed Amendment To Bylaws On CopyrightPolicy
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 20:49:23 -0700

It has been moved by Larry and seconded by Greta that the Advisory Board consider an urgent proposed amendment to the Project Bylaws relative to the Copyright policy. The motion is numbered 07-17 and is now open for discussion.

Whereas a bylaw amendment proposal has been submitted to the AB described as an urgent matter affecting the well-being of the Project, and

Whereas the USGenWeb bylaws provide that the AB shall propose urgent amendments,

I move that the following bylaw amendment proposal be considered as to its urgency by vote of the AB. Should the outcome of the vote determine that the proposal is urgent, I further move that the proposal be presented to the membership as an urgent amendment.

Should the outcome of the vote determine that the proposal does not meet the standards of an urgent amendment, I further move that the originator of the proposal be thanked for his contribution in submitting the proposal.


Under the Provisions of the USGenWeb Bylaws, Article XVI. "AMENDMENT TO BYLAWS", Section 5, I submit to the USGenWeb Project Advisory Board, and the National Coordinator, that the following section of the USGenWeb Project Bylaws, be urgently amended as follows:

That the current Article X which currently reads:


Section 1. In The USGenWeb Project, copyright of websites resides solely with the creator of the web page(s). Their inclusion as part of The USGenWeb Project does not give any irrevocable right, implied or otherwise, to The USGenWeb Project to permanently use the material.

Section 2. In The USGenWeb Project, copyright to queries and any other data submitted to any state or local websites resides with the submitter. The submission of queries and other data to The USGenWeb Project implies that The USGenWeb Project may continue to post the material until/if such time the submitter requests removal.

Section 3. In The USGenWeb Project, copyright to data contributed to any special projects resides with the contributor, who agrees that The USGenWeb Project, as a not-for-profit group, has permanent use of the data. The permanent use agreement is conditional upon the non-profit nature of The USGenWeb Project and will become null and void if The USGenWeb Project should ever cease to be non-profit.

Section 4. All members of The USGenWeb Project shall be responsible for adhering to The USGenWeb Project's Official Copyright Policy which may be found, along with further information about copyright, at The USGenWeb Project national website,";

Be amended to read:


Adherence to Title 17, US Code, The United States Copyright Law [Link to:], is the responsibility of each member website Coordinator, and the Site Coordinator has the responsibility to assure that submitted materials for publication on any USGenWeb member site are in compliance."

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