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From: "Scott Burow" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Fw: Sponsorship of by-law
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 08:22:14 -0500

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Per the below email from Debbie Beheler, INGenWeb will sponsor the following
amendment to the USGenWeb By-laws:

----- Original Message -----
From: Debby Beheler
Subject: Sponsorship of by-law

Dear Advisory Board Members,

Indiana has voted to sponsor the proposed change in ARTICLE X. COPYRIGHT.

Text of approved Bylaws Proposal (sponsored by the InGenWeb Project)

*Under the Provisions of the USGenWeb Bylaws, I submit to the USGenWeb
Project, that the following section of the USGenWeb Project Bylaws, be
amended as follows:*

That the current Article X which currently reads:


Section 1. In The USGenWeb Project, copyright of websites resides solely
with the creator of the web page(s). Their inclusion as part of The
USGenWeb Project does not give any irrevocable right, implied or
otherwise, to The USGenWeb Project to permanently use the material.

Section 2. In The USGenWeb Project, copyright to queries and any other
data submitted to any state or local websites resides with the
submitter. The submission of queries and other data to The USGenWeb
Project implies that The USGenWeb Project may continue to post the
material until/if such time the submitter requests removal.

Section 3. In The USGenWeb Project, copyright to data contributed to any
special projects resides with the contributor, who agrees that The
USGenWeb Project, as a not-for-profit group, has permanent use of the
data. The permanent use agreement is conditional upon the non-profit
nature of The USGenWeb Project and will become null and void if The
USGenWeb Project should ever cease to be non-profit.

Section 4. All members of The USGenWeb Project shall be responsible for
adhering to The USGenWeb Project's Official Copyright Policy which may
be found, along with further information about copyright, at The
USGenWeb Project national website, "

Be amended to read:


Adherence to Title 17, US Code, The United States Copyright Law [Link
to:], is the responsibility of each member
website Coordinator, and the Site Coordinator has the responsibility to
assure that submitted materials for publication on any USGenWeb member
site are in compliance."

Debby Beheler, State Coordinator INGenWeb Project

The USGenWeb webmaster is requested to post the sponsorship of this
amendment to the national webpages as soon as is practical.

Scott Burow
NC - USGenWeb

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