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Subject: [BOARD] Motion 07-18
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 11:43:28 -0500

It has been moved by Greta Thompson and seconded by Linda Blum-Barton that:

the USGenWeb Standard Rules be amended to include
a section on "Mailing Lists Managed by the Advisory Board." This section
would include the following:

1. The RootsWeb lists managed by the AB are All, Board, Board-Exec,
Discuss, NENC, NWPL, SEMA, SWSC, and State Coordinators.

2. Administration of the lists
a. The National Coordinator will personally administer All, Board,
and State Coordinators. In the absence of the NC the person acting for the
administer these lists. [USGenWeb Standard Rules, Section VIII].
b. The Representative-at-Large will ordinarily administer Discuss.
c. At the beginning of his/her term of office the National Coordinator will
appoint AB representatives from the regions to administer the regional
lists (NENC, NWPL, SEMA, and SWSC).
d. For good cause the NC with the advice and assistance of the AB may
delegate the administration of a list to another member of the project.
e. A list may be moderated for due cause for a period not to exceed two

3. Membership
a. Board, All, and Discuss are open to every member in good standing of
USGenWeb. Board and All are read-only lists for everyone but the elected
representatives of the AB. At the discretion of the list owner, a member
not in good standing may be subscribed as a read-only member of a
non-archived list.
b. The members of Board-Exec will be limited to the elected representatives

of the Advisory Board.
c. The members of the State Coordinators list will be limited to State
Coordinators, Assistant State Coordinators, and the Representative-at-Large.

4. Management of the lists
a. The discussion on all of these lists will focus on project issues and
be civil in
tone and content. The definition of what is "civil in tone and content" will
determined by the administrator.
b. Under no circumstances will a list member be permitted to make derogatory

offensive remarks, whether open or veiled, about individuals. The first
violation of this rule will result in being moderated for one month. The
violation will result in being banned from the list for a period of twelve
months, The third violation will result in beng banned from the list for a
period of five years. If he or she is required by USGenWebWeb to be
to the list, s/he will have read-only status for a
period of twelve months for the second violation and for a period of five
for the third violation.
c. The decision of the list administrator may be appealed by the member
affected on the grounds, and only on the grounds, that the established rules
were not followed. The appeal must be made within one week of the decision.
Advisory Board will review the appeal on Board-Exec and issue a decision
one week of receiving it. The AB's decision will be final, that is, no other
appeals regarding that decision, either from the affected member or any
individual, will be heard by the AB or the USGenWeb Grievance Committee.
d. Repeated instances of personal attacks on members of USGenWeb in any
public forum will result in the person making the attack being banned from
USGenWeb mailing lists for a period of one to five years.

This motion is numbered 07-18 and is now open for discussion.

Larry Flesher
Acting chair

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