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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Fw: [ABChat] USGenWeb National Mail Lists
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 13:03:00 -0400

The following was posted to AB-Chat [ALL], by Advisory
Board member Greta Thompson, and is posted here for the
record. I will follow this post with my response to AB-Chat.
Discussion will be conducted on AB-Chat.

Tina Vickery
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project.

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From: "bluebear" <>
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Sent: Saturday, September 08, 2007 2:34 PM
Subject: [ABChat] USGenWeb National Mail Lists

> Last month, you may remember, I proposed to add a section to the USGenWeb
> Standard Rules on "Mailing Lists Managed by the Advisory Board." [Motion
> 07-18] It was not well-received. : )
> Most of the criticisms focused on the severity of the penalties involved
> for infractions of the rules, a potential conflict with the Bylaws, and
> the concern that the NC's authority was being compromised. I withdrew the
> motion a couple of days later so that the AB could consider and revise the
> motion in response to the expressed concerns of the membership. This was
> received somewhat more positively. : )
> We did, in fact, discuss and revise the motion, but didn't post a new
> version because the end of the 2006-2007 Advisory Board year was imminent.
> It seemed better to postpone action until a new NC and a new AB were
> seated.
> Since Tina Vickery convened the September meeting, we've discussed this
> leftover issue enough to decide that (1) we do want to develop guidelines
> for the use and management of the USGenWeb national lists and (2) we need
> to discuss the issue on this list, so that the general membership can see
> our thinking and offer feedback.
> I'm posting below the line of dashes a revised version of the withdrawn
> Motion 07-18 (which we'll call National Mailing Lists Draft from now on).
> It includes revisions made by the previous AB and a few that I've added
> this month. It's only a draft, one that I hope will be discussed and
> reworked until it addresses the issues of concern as clearly and as
> effectively as possible.
> You can find the original motion in the USGenWeb Advisory Board Archives
> for August 2007:
> (
> You can find the names and email addresses of the current Advisory Board
> at
> Thank you.
> Greta Thompson
> USGenWeb Advisory Board
> "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I move that the USGenWeb Standard Rules be amended to include a section on
> "Mailing Lists Managed by the Advisory Board." This section would include
> the following:
> 1. The RootsWeb lists managed by the USGenWeb Advisory Board are All,
> Board, Board-Exec, Discuss, NENC, NWPL, SEMA, SWSC, and State
> Coordinators.
> 2. Administration of the lists
> a. Usually the National Coordinator will personally administer All,
> Board, Board-Exec, Discuss, and State Coordinators. In the absence of the
> NC the person acting for the NC will administer these lists. [USGenWeb
> Standard Rules, Section VIII].
> b. At the beginning of his/her term of office the National Coordinator
> will
> appoint AB representatives from the regions to administer the regional
> lists (NENC, NWPL, SEMA, and SWSC).
> c. The National Coordinator may delegate the administration of All,
> Discuss, and/or State Coordinators to another member of the project.
> d. A list may be moderated for due cause for a period not to exceed two
> weeks.
> 3. Membership
> a. Board, All, and Discuss are open to every member in good standing of
> USGenWeb. Board and All are read-only lists for everyone but the elected
> representatives of the AB. At the discretion of the list manager, a
> member
> not in good standing may be subscribed as a read-only member of the
> non-archived list Discuss.
> b. The members of Board-Exec will be limited to the elected
> representatives
> of the Advisory Board.
> c. The members of the State Coordinators list will be limited to State
> Coordinators, Assistant State Coordinators, and Advisory Board members.
> 4. Management of the lists
> a. The discussion on all of these lists will focus on project issues and
> will be civil in tone and content. The judgment of what is "civil in tone
> and content" will be determined and revised, as necessary, by those
> serving as USGenWeb National Mail List Administrators, subject to the
> approval of the National Coordinator.
> b. Under no circumstances will a list member be permitted to make
> derogatory
> or offensive remarks, whether open or veiled, about individuals. The
> following
> penalties in the case of violations are guidelines (not requirements) for
> list administrators. The first violation of this rule will result in being
> moderated
> for one month. The second violation will result in having read-only status
> on the list for a period of six months. The third violation will result in
> having read-only status on the list for a period of twelve months. If s/he
> is required by USGenWeb to be subscribed to the list, s/he will have
> read-only status for a period of six months for the second violation and a
> period of twelve months for the third violation.
> c. The decision of the list administrator may be appealed by the member
> affected on the grounds, and only on the grounds, that the established
> rules
> were not followed. The appeal must be made within one week of the
> decision.
> The National Coordinator, assisted by the National Mail List
> Administrators, will review the appeal and issue a decision within one
> week of receiving it. His or her decision will be final, that is, no other
> appeals regarding that decision, either from the affected member or any
> another individual, will be heard by the National Coordinator or the
> USGenWeb Grievance Committee.
> d. Repeated instances of personal attacks on any USGenWeb National Mail
> List will result in the person(s) making the attack being limited to
> read-only status on
> all USGenWeb National Mailing Lists for a period of six months.
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