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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Call for Volunteers - Grievance Committee
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 01:26:01 -0500

Please forward to all appropriate USGenWeb Project lists.

Tina Vickery
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project


Call for Volunteers

The Grievance Committee of USGENWEB hereby formally
requests candidates for the positions of Mediator and
Arbitrator. Candidates should have past experience in
their personal or professional lives that reflects the
following attributes:

(1) An even disposition
(2) Reliability and timeliness
(3) An ability to suspend judgment and distance themselves from
their own views in order to hear other points of view
(4) An ability and willingness to propose solutions that are fair,
equitable and consistent with the policies and philosophy of the Project
(5) Good basic communication [writing by e-mail] skills and an
ability to compromise and get along with others.

Interested individuals should send the following
information to Bob Sweeney, Chairman, Grievance Committee
at , with the phrase "Mediator/Arbitrator
Candidate" in the subject line. Bob will then forward
the submitted material in confidence to the other
Committee members for review and selection. The necessary
information is:

(1) Your name
(2) Your e-mail address
(3) Your current position(s), if any, in the USGENWEB Project or an
affiliated Special Project, or any similar genealogy project
(4) A brief statement of why you believe you would be qualified for
this kind of volunteer position.

Note that a candidate does not have to be currently in a
formal position in the field of genealogical research, but
that such experience certainly helps. If selected, a
Mediator will be asked to help facilitate disputes which
are being heard by a designated Member of our Grievance
Committee, listen to evidence and arguments from the
disputing parties, develop and propose solutions, and
provide a logical rationale for their proposals. An
Arbitrator will serve when mediation has been
unsuccessful, will engage the parties with the same
disposition as the Mediator, but will also be empowered to
propose a binding final solution in accordance with
Project procedures. The positions are not mutually
exclusive in that a trained Mediator or Arbitrator may be
asked to serve in either capacity as necessity and the
nature of any particular grievance dictates. Training
and guidance from the Grievance Committee members will be
provided. The Committee will be reasonable in its
requests and time expectations of appointed Mediators and


Bob Sweeney
Chair, Grievance Committee

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