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From: "Linda Blum-Barton" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Other Web Accounts
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 17:44:01 -0400

Madame NC & USGW Advisory Board members,

In March when we were discussing and voting on the motion made to move the national webpages, I asked several questions about what websites/webspace were going to be moved. It was my understanding at the time that the brochures webspace would move along with space provided the Grievance Committee.

I did not continue to discuss this as it was my expectation that there would be discussion and a vote about where to move the national web site after that vote took place on March 18, 2008. When the announcement was made here on March 26, 2008 that the website was hosted by ixwebhosting and that they were going to be down for a server move, I realized the decision had obviously been made.

I have been busy with my own county sites, changing links to archives files, other counties, etc. and realized that this website is still on RootsWeb -
My understanding was that it is considered a part of the national website and was going to be moved. Is it? I was the last person who updated that website last year so that the brochures and logos displayed were current but I no longer have access to it. The webspace houses several of the earliest project newsletters and it seems as if they would be better housed with the other newsletters.

Additionally, I realized that the EC's website, which Tina pointed out is accessible only by the EC chairperson, is also still on RootsWeb -
I fully understand the security of no one having access to this committee's webspace other than the chairperson, but the EC is a standing committee of the Advisory Board and I would like to know if the location of this website is under discussion and whether it is going to move or remain on RootsWeb. As their busy time of the year is going to be upon them quickly, it seems as if any possible move for them would be better handled now so it will go smoothly.

Linda Blum-Barton

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