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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Call for Grievance Committee members.
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 17:41:13 -0400

Please feel free to forward to USGenWeb Project lists.


The terms of several Grievance Committee members have expired and not
been filled. Due to the inability of the Grievance Committee to elect
a Grievance Coordinator from the remaining members, I am acting as
National Coordinator and ex-officio member of the committee to submit
this request to the membership for volunteers to serve as members of
the Grievance Committee.

The process for selecting Grievance Committee members is outlined

The procedures do not address the extraordinary situation the
Committee and the Board now find themselves in.

Although the ex-officio member of the Grievance Committee, as National
Coordinator I have not been subscribed to their private list due to a
grievance in process against the USGenWeb Project Advisory Board.

This has hindered my ability to participate in their administrative
duties which are supposed to be conducted on their public list but have not

This call for volunteers is necessitated by the circumstances outlined
above. It is the Advisory Board's desire to have the Grievance
Committee a fully functioning committee to address our members'


To be eligible, you must be a member in good standing of the USGebWeb
Project, or any Special Project, with at least one year's experience.
If selected, your membership on this Committee will be for one year.
The primary responsibility of the Committee is to identify, select,
train and supervise mediators and arbitrators to settle grievance
disputes. That is, the committee members will not mediate, or
arbitrate, disputes themselves, but will select and manage those who
do. A member should have an even disposition, an ability to listen to
both sides of an argument, and a willingness to recommend solutions
and instruct others.

Interested parties should communicate directly to me at my e-mail
address below, with their name, contact e-mail and a paragraph with
their background outlining their qualifications outlined above.

I will present the candiates for consideration and selection to the
Advisory Board.

Tina Vickery

National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

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