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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Motion 2008/09-04: 'Webmaster Qualifications'
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 21:01:21 -0400

Motion 2008/09-04: 'Webmaster Qualifications'

Presented by Sherri Bradley and seconded by Ann Allen Geoghegan,
'Webmaster Qualifications' dated October 27, 2008, is numbered
Motion 2008/09-04.

Motion reads:

I move that the following webmaster qualifications and duties proposed by
the Webmaster Study Group be approved and added to the Standard Rules of the
USGenWeb Project.

Sherri [Bradley]



Section 1: The USGenWeb Advisory Board (AB) will appoint the webmaster and
an assistant webmaster from the Project membership to maintain the USGenWeb
National website. The webmaster and assistant serve as trusted technical
assistants to the Advisory Board. In addition, one AB member will be
appointed to work with and act as a liaison between the AB and the webmaster
and assistant, to ensure the National site is in compliance with the Project
by-laws and that the duties outlined in this document are fulfilled. The
National Coordinator (NC) will also work with the webmaster and assistant to
ensure that their responsibility for day to day operational management of
the project site is fulfilled.

Section 2: Selection of the Webmaster - The USGenWeb Advisory Board (AB)
will issue a call the last two weeks of September for interested individuals
to serve as the webmaster and assistant webmaster of the National site.
>From this call, the newly seated AB will make their selections at the
beginning of the term, at the same time the remainder of the appointments
are made. The AB shall determine if those currently in place shall
continue, or if one or more of the new respondees shall be selected.
The qualifications for both positions are:
(a) The individual must have been a member in good standing of the
USGenWeb Project for a minimum of 6 months.
(b) The individual must have a strong demonstrated knowledge of HTML,
CSS (cascading style sheets), SSI (server side includes), and FTP software.
(c) The individual must be able to devote approximately 8 to 24 hours
per month to their duties as webmaster, spread out across the month.
(d) The individual must respond to requests for updates in a timely
manner. This is defined by responding to the request within 48 hours and
completing the requested update within one week. These time limits do not
apply if the webmaster and/or assistant have notified the board they will be
unavailable for a period of time or if there are extenuating circumstances
such as a natural disaster in the area where the webmaster and/or assistant
reside. The second limit does not apply if the scope of the change is large
and if the webmaster or assistant have notified the board that it will take
longer. If the webmaster or assistant have notified the board it will take
longer than the stated week, they must provide an expected completion date
for the change.
(e) Additional knowledge and/or skills such as php, databases and
search engine optimization may be desirable but are not required.

Section 3: Duties & Responsibilities of the Webmaster and Assistant

(a) Makes website changes requested by the advisory board or the
National Coordinator. Changes may include, but are not limited to adding
additional or updated links, updating the identity of committee members
and/or state SCs or ASCs and and formatting and posting of committee
(b) Finding and correcting broken or erroneous links by running a link
checker monthly.
(c) Reviewing server logs for errors and taking any needed corrective
(d) Keeping a log of all changes made to or other actions taken in
regards to the National site. This log must be available for review by the
AB members at all times.
(e) Watching, reporting on and taking steps to improve the performance
of the National site's performance.
(f) Receiving reports on website problems from site visitors,
pro-actively detecting problems that arise whenever practical and reporting
the problems to the web host provider, either directly or through the
designated process in place at the time, and work with their support
organization to correct the problems.
(g) Providing quarterly reports to the AB regarding the site and actions
taken and changes made by the webmaster and/or assistant.
(h) Notify the assistant/assistant webmaster, AB representative and NC
if they will be unavailable for periods of more than 48 hours so that others
can cover the duties and complete any necessary updates.

Section 4: Responsibility of the NC or Designated Individual with Control
Panel Access:

(a) Provide the codes/passwords to the webmaster, assistant webmaster
and the AB representative so the stated responsibilities can be carried out.
(b) If the webmaster and assistant don't have direct access to site
error logs, do whatever is required to make them available to the
webmaster and assistant so that their duties can be carried out.
(c) If the webmaster and assistant don't have direct access to the
support organization of the webhosting service, serve as the interface to
report problems to the web hosting service and in working with their support
organization to correct them.

Section 5: General Requirements:

(a) The financial information of the account holder must be protected at
all times.
(b) The website must be designed such that it is portable between web
hosting services in the event that a move is necessary or desirable.
(c) The ability to hand code a site in HTML format is not necessary.
Pages may be created using website designing software, but the software must
not be specific to the web host, causing the transfer of the site to be
impossible, nor should the software insert scripts that are not portable
between web design applications.
(d) The webmaster and/or assistant webmaster may be replaced for failure
to comply with Sections 2 and 3, above.
(e) The webmaster and assistant webmaster will only be granted ftp
access to those portions of the National site for which the Advisory Board
have assigned them responsibility.


Discussion is now open. If you have no discussion, please
indicate "No Discussion".

Tina Vickery
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

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