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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
Subject: [BOARD] Motion 2008/09-13: 'CC Guidelines clarification -website/page(s)'
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 11:08:58 -0400
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Motion 2008/09-13: 'CC Guidelines clarification - website/page(s)'

Presented by Sherri Bradley and seconded by Concetta Franco Phillipps, 'CC
Guidelines clarification - website/page(s)' dated March 13, 2009
is numbered Motion 2008/09-13.

Motion reads:

"I move that we approve, by General Consent, updates to the CC
Guidelines document to clarify and reconcile the use of the
term "page" or "pages" when actually it refers to a "website"
within the USGenWeb Project as well as additional clarification
of the wording for the required query page and the pointer to
the state page. These proposed updates are not meant to change
the meaning, or intent, of the current CC Guidelines.

The specific updates would be as follows:

Under the section entitled "Query Page", change the first
sentence to read "Every county site must provide a query page
or a hyperlink to an existing query page or board."

Under the section entitled "County Resource Page and Lookups",
change the first sentence to read "Every county site should
provide some basic research information for their county."

Under the section entitled "Pointer to State Page", change the
section title to "Link to State Page" change the first sentence
to read "Every county site must have a hyperlink to their State
XXGenWeb Project."

Under the section entitled "State Requirements", change the
first sentence to read "In addition to The USGenWeb Project
requirements, some states have additional requirements for
their county, locality, town and/or special project sites."

Under the section entitled "Recommended Links", change the
first sentence to read "Although the following are not
mandatory if they have been placed on the state sites, it is
recommended that they also appear on your site for the
convenience of those visiting your site." Also, change the
next to the last sentence to read "A link to the WorldGenWeb
Project site is not mandatory, but feel free to add it if you
so desire."

Under the section entitled "Page Evaluations", change the title
of the section to "Site Evaluations" and change the first
sentence to read "As new county sites are put up on the web,
they are checked by someone on the state evaluation committee
for the required elements and to be sure your links work."
Also, change the last sentence to read "Post a message to your
state mail list or state coordinator when you are ready for
your site to be checked."

Under the section entitled "The USGenWeb Project Policy on HTML
Code, Graphics, etc.", change all references to "pages" to read

Under the section entitled "Welcome to the Project!", change
the first sentence to read "Beyond these few "bare essentials",
your site is yours to do with as you please." Also, change the
last sentence to read "If you need assistance with getting your
site uploaded, don't hesitate to ask someone associated with
your state project, or post a request to your state's list, the
USGenWeb Helppages mail list and/or the RootsWeb Help mail

Sherri Bradley
SEMA SC Representative"

Are there any objections to this motion?

Tina Vickery
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project

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