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From: "Sherri" <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD] Motion 2008/09-13: 'CC Guidelines clarification-website/page(s)'
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 12:30:35 -0500
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No objection.

Sherri Bradley
SEMA SC Representative

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From: "Tina S. Vickery" <>
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Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 10:08 AM
Subject: [BOARD] Motion 2008/09-13: 'CC Guidelines
clarification -website/page(s)'

> Motion 2008/09-13: 'CC Guidelines clarification - website/page(s)'
> Presented by Sherri Bradley and seconded by Concetta Franco Phillipps, 'CC
> Guidelines clarification - website/page(s)' dated March 13, 2009
> is numbered Motion 2008/09-13.
> Motion reads:
> "I move that we approve, by General Consent, updates to the CC
> Guidelines document to clarify and reconcile the use of the
> term "page" or "pages" when actually it refers to a "website"
> within the USGenWeb Project as well as additional clarification
> of the wording for the required query page and the pointer to
> the state page. These proposed updates are not meant to change
> the meaning, or intent, of the current CC Guidelines.
> The specific updates would be as follows:
> Under the section entitled "Query Page", change the first
> sentence to read "Every county site must provide a query page
> or a hyperlink to an existing query page or board."
> Under the section entitled "County Resource Page and Lookups",
> change the first sentence to read "Every county site should
> provide some basic research information for their county."
> Under the section entitled "Pointer to State Page", change the
> section title to "Link to State Page" change the first sentence
> to read "Every county site must have a hyperlink to their State
> XXGenWeb Project."
> Under the section entitled "State Requirements", change the
> first sentence to read "In addition to The USGenWeb Project
> requirements, some states have additional requirements for
> their county, locality, town and/or special project sites."
> Under the section entitled "Recommended Links", change the
> first sentence to read "Although the following are not
> mandatory if they have been placed on the state sites, it is
> recommended that they also appear on your site for the
> convenience of those visiting your site." Also, change the
> next to the last sentence to read "A link to the WorldGenWeb
> Project site is not mandatory, but feel free to add it if you
> so desire."
> Under the section entitled "Page Evaluations", change the title
> of the section to "Site Evaluations" and change the first
> sentence to read "As new county sites are put up on the web,
> they are checked by someone on the state evaluation committee
> for the required elements and to be sure your links work."
> Also, change the last sentence to read "Post a message to your
> state mail list or state coordinator when you are ready for
> your site to be checked."
> Under the section entitled "The USGenWeb Project Policy on HTML
> Code, Graphics, etc.", change all references to "pages" to read
> "sites".
> Under the section entitled "Welcome to the Project!", change
> the first sentence to read "Beyond these few "bare essentials",
> your site is yours to do with as you please." Also, change the
> last sentence to read "If you need assistance with getting your
> site uploaded, don't hesitate to ask someone associated with
> your state project, or post a request to your state's list, the
> USGenWeb Helppages mail list and/or the RootsWeb Help mail
> list."
> Sherri Bradley
> SEMA SC Representative"
> Are there any objections to this motion?
> Tina Vickery
> National Coordinator
> USGenWeb Project
> USGenWeb Project information can be found at:
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