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From: "Sherri " <>
Subject: [BOARD] FW: Need for new members
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 18:04:47 -0400

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Sherri Bradley
National Coordinator
USGenWeb Project
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From: John Quigley [mailto:]
To: Sherri
Subject: Need for new members

The Grievance Committee is in need of new members, we are short one member,
and one other member is staying on until a replacement can be found for her.
If accepted you will serve for 2 years, until August 2013.

The Grievance Committee shall consist of seven members of The USGenWeb
Project in good standing. The panel must include a State Coordinator and a
member of the Special projects and three County Coordinators/Local
Coordinators who have not served as State Coordinator or in a national level
position within the last three years. The National Coordinator is an ex
officio member of the Grievance Committee and is not eligible for assignment
as the committee member overseeing an accepted grievance. In the event that
a member of the Grievance Committee is one of the parties involved in the
dispute or has a personal interest in the dispute, that Committee Member
shall retire from involvement with any aspect of that grievance.

In the event that a Grievance Committee member changes positions in the
USGenWeb Project during their term, they may remain as a representative of
the position for which they were appointed until the end of their term. This
does not apply in the case of the committee member's election to the
USGenWeb Advisory Board, at which time they would be required to resign and
a new representative appointed after a call for volunteers from within the
project to fill the seat.

Volunteers for the Grievance Committee will be required to meet certain
minimum requirements for service.
Volunteers must have a minimum of one year's continuous service as a Member
in Good Standing of either a State Project or a recognized Special Project
of the USGenWeb Project.
Volunteers may not have been a party in a grievance for a minimum of two (2)
years prior to volunteering for the Grievance Committee nor be currently
involved in a grievance.
Future vacancies within the Grievance Committee will be filled by USGenWeb
Project members in the following manner: The Chair will solicit volunteers
for the position, and post their qualifications for comment. Volunteers will
be chosen by a vote of Grievance Committee members, and presented to the
Advisory Board for approval.
Future appointments as Chair will be by vote of the Grievance Committee
members. Elections will be for a two-year term.

The following is not a requirement:
It is also helpful if you have some knowledge of Mediation procedures. You
will of course learn as you work on the committee, but some knowledge is a
good thing.

Interested individuals should contact the Grievance Committee Chair, John
Quigley at , providing the required information to be
considered for the position.
John Quigley
Chair, USGenWeb Grievance Committee

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