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Subject: [BD-ADM] Re: A Lost Newbie
Date: 2 Dec 2001 18:17:37 -0700

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Hi, Nancy-

When you login under your admin account and access the main admin center page you will see links to the boards you admin--yes--but those links will take you to the *admin* boards--which are a bit different from the user boards.

Also, if you click on the FAQ and Help links on the admin boards you will see the admin help info rather than the user help text. The admin functions were developed after the boards first were launched and the help pages have not yet been updated to explain how many of the current functions work.

However, most are rather intuitive. If you click on a message to read it (on the admin board) and need to edit the surnames, subject, or classification you can click on the Edit link. You can also Move and Delete messages through those links. You can Review Objections for all boards you admin from the link on the admin boards--which allows you to review requests to have posts removed.

The "info" pages are now called "Links & Announcements" and you can access these pages for editing (as you would edit any HTML page) by clicking on the Edit Links & Announcements link on the admin board.

If you need more detailed help on any specific question please feel free to ask.

Best of luck with the boards!


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