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Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Just An Observation
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 12:44:31 EST

In a message dated 12/8/01 11:06:12 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> There should be nothing complicated about starting/adopting Message
> > Boards.
> There is something complicated about this? This stuff is generally
> done within a few hours these days. Usually the only stuff that has
> a hold up is where the staff want to talk about "precedent" boards
> and locating new category boards (eg. John's Clans boards)


I don't believe that George was referring to the amount of time needed to
approve a board or adoption request. He was referring to the lack of an
intuitive method of doing so. Many users do not understand that they need to
be logged in under the exact same account they wish to use to admin aboard
when they adopt it and many don't undestand why they can request a new board
(and request to admin it if desired) from any board page, but can only adopt
a board once they are ON that board and then only if a 'Become An Admin' link
appears--this is simply not intuitive. Anything that needs to be explained
over and over literally thousands of times is not intuitive and needs to be
examined for simplification.

There is no universal list of adoptable boards--there should be one. The list
should include links directly to each board that is adoptable. This ONE
enhancement would make the adoption process ever so much easier and intuitive
as would enhancements having to do with logging in and merging multiple
accounts. This enhancement was promised as 'coming soon' about 6 months ago
and we are still waiting. It makes adminning boards far more difficult than
it should be.

The above are not intended as complaints--I know everyone is doing the best
they can. However, they are intended as suggestions for what should be
addressed now.


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