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Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Nasty Code and Other Business
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 17:11:21 EST

In a message dated 12/11/01 4:46:49 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> Since I cannot get to the boards nor can others -- may I quote the "become
> Admin" text in its entirety (privately) to those who are interested in
> becoming an administrator?


You are welcome to the updated version of that information if you like--I've
copied it below. It is more current than what is posted now on the boards.
> BTW, I know you aren't an ogre! (And don't have the vaguest idea if you
> resemble one in the face or not!)

Andrew does not even remotely resemble an ogre <g> but his three year old,
"Joel," is the real heartbreaker in the family.

Become An Admin text (updated)

The responsibilities of a board administrator are as follows:

A board administrator is expected to keep contact information current by
listing a valid working e-mail address accessible to board users on the Links
& Announcements page for the board. An administrator may also include a
welcome message on the Links & Announcements page, and/or instructions for
posting to the board, as well as any relevant links to Web sites related to
the subject of the board.

A board administrator is expected to review new messages posted on the board
to ensure they do not violate the rules set forth for posting; to remove
those that are in violation of message board rules. An administrator is
responsible for removing a message when requested by the poster. An
administrator may move a misplaced message to a more appropriate board, or to
the proper location within a board he maintains. An administrator may edit
the surname field, message subject, and message classification, for the
purpose of preserving board integrity, and to ensure proper indexing and

In addition, a board administrator is encouraged to take the lead in
discussion on a board where possible, to assist users with searching and
posting, and to promote interest in using the board.

Since activity from one board to another can vary greatly, it is impossible
to estimate the amount of time necessary to maintain a specific board.
However, it does not involve an extensive amount of time, and no special
tools other than e-mail and Internet access are necessary.


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