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Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Re: Message Boards: Links and Announcements Reminder
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:11:13 EST

In a message dated 12/12/01 10:34:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> Thanks. I figured that out after a few wasted minutes trying to remember
> how to see the boards, but not as admin.
> Still don't remember how to do that, unless I click on a link from the
> notifications page, which refuses to see me
> as admin, even when I log in.'


If you are saying that My Notifications are not showing the admin board URLs
if you click on them -- they will if you added them to My Notifications from
the admin board.

I access my boards from this page after logging into my admin account: The links are all
> And then what do you do next to go on to the next of your boards? And why
> should I penalized with
> extra time-wasting confusing keystrokes because I am admin?

I access *all* boards I admin directly from the above page.
> As an exercise, Joan, Try looking at six of your boards using that method
> to check them out and tell me how many keystrokes it takes. And then come
> back in six months and do it again, when several things have been changed,
> and tell me how many keystrokes it takes.

Very simple--as mentioned above--from the Admin Center directly to each admin


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