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From: Valorie Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Setting up an 'Info' page
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 23:41:44 -0800
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> Joan or anyone,
> I just adopted a board today and was trying to familiarize myself with all
> the old posts, the Admin Center, the Message Board FAQ, and Message Board
> Help. I was looking for information about changing Administration name/email
> address, etc. when I found this.

Congratulations on this step, Barbara. I find administering the Boards
to be (mostly) very enjoyable and rewarding.

> [Setting up an 'Info' page with administrator contact information, welcome
> message, URL links to related sites, and board information and instructions.]
> I looked around in the Admin Center and found the Links and Announcement
> section. I proceded to check it out. There I found an empty box and
> beneath it was a link.....


> How do I know if I followed the right procedures for this?

Log out and look at the page from the User side, or use the Test
function when you are in the Edit L & A screen.

> Do I add the other information to this same window?

You can add anything you think will be useful to users of your Board.

> Is there an example of an Info Page to go by or can someone send me a copy of
> what they have for theirs.

Lots of them! Cruise around and look! The best I've ever seen is here:

This same URL is the Message Boards link on the Sabine Co. TX main page,
so it serves a dual purpose.

Betsy has created a template for County pages here:

If you want to see the simplest, most barebones excuse for an L&A page,
you can look at one of mine:

> Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hope this helps!


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