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From: Valorie Zimmerman <>
Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Re: L and A address change
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 00:03:12 -0800
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Dan M wrote:
> No Joan, not always
> when they were Genconnect, they were not fast moving boards and were for
> query, they were not a pain in the ------

Dan, you are remembering the past in the rosy light of nostalgia. It WAS
a pain to make address changes on the old boards -- 7 separate changes
for each suite of boards. And navigating between the various boards was
*definatly* in pain in the ---- . Not to speak of moving queries about
data from the data to the query board, and setting up the threading by
hand. Royal pain in the -----. ALL of those problems have been solved by
the new board system.

> Now every one is posting and yakking, not to mention the ones who
> complain * abuse* at us because their posts ended up on the list as per gate
> way /

I would completely ignore people like that. The notice is right there on
the board (*right where our admin addresses should be, by the way!*)

> I do not want to sound like I am complaining , but I think 99% of all the
> people who ran Genconnect query boards are very unhappy about the change to
> message boards and 10s of thousands of e-mails later on this list alone are
> still venting about it.

I for one am almost completely happy about the new boards. I hate how
the popups freeze Netscape for me every few days, so that I have to
reset my computer. <sigh> However, that seems to be problems with the
ads themselves, not the boards per se.

I've had problems with poorly loading banners on RW pages too, but I
can't blame RW for poorly working 'foreign' banners. They have to stay
alive for us to be able to use them at all!

> Genconnect made sense , message boards are nothing but web mail just like
> hot mail except we all use the same account.

Well, on most of my boards I have 'cleaned up' the poorly made subject
lines, the missing or mal-formed surname lines, and gotten rid of
duplicate messages and the "sorry, I don't know anything about that'
kind of empty messages. My 'clean' boards have very high quality posts,
I find.

> I guess in the thinking of the programmers , in what they know, all this
> makes sense to them, but to us , it changes something that was clean cut ,
> worked nicely,looked good and was easy to use and maintain.

There were widely acknowledged problems with GenConnect, not the least
of which they crashed all the time. Indexing was really slow, and
getting slower. Perhaps new equipment would have helped -- that I do not
know. You must not have been one of the ones hit by the February
Wipe-out, which hit the very month I had posted almost a hundred
obituaries. <long, sad sigh>

> <sigh>
> I may as well wish for 45 rpm records to get popular again <grinZ>
> PS Cheska made a good point <too>

I *like* my DVDs and CDs. All I miss about records are those wonderful
album *covers* and inserts.

Valorie <----- still holding on to her records, for now.

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