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From: "Kinfolk" <>
Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Link Colour Change
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 15:32:28 +1300
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Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Link Colour Change

<<<<<piece snipped out>>>>>>>>>>
> The fact that the "masthead" is now designed for minimal a 800x600 display
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I find the masthead needs 1024x768 to display without side scrolling. This
seems to be the new standard. When I first came on line most pages were
set-up for 800x600 and my screen and video card could only handle 640x480
(this was 2 years ago) , then I upgraded to a 800x600 max set-up and they
started using 1024 page sizes. Now I use 1024x768 all the time, the
developers see the bigger screen size as more view page and know that most
will use the higher resolution for ease, even if they complain for a while.
Sometimes when things change we need to look forward and see if this is
going to be the way of the future, if so go forward with a smile rather than
being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. <<VVVBG>> ;-)
A half blind junior geriatric
Turangi NZ

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