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Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Neanderthals Repairing Swiss Watches (WAS: Use your own colors)
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 12:44:26 EST

In a message dated 12/21/01 10:41:21 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> And, yes, I suspect they are trying to make changes every day to their
> product offering. Why? Because we ask for change. for more stuff. And
> they also need to run their business to minimize their overhead. and
> increase profits. In case you have not heard, dot.coms are still failing
> everyday. One of the challenges continues to be how to create enough
> revenues from their web sites. If the revenues are not there, the sites
> will go away.

Change is a necessary part of life on the Internet and elsewhere.
Maintaining the status quo won't work. In the old days of RootsWeb I can
remember Brian telling us over and over that to maintain the status quo is to
> This is not Pollyanna. This is facts. If had not bought
> RootsWeb, I suspect that RootsWeb would be gone now. Not enough sponsors
> and donors stepped up to the plate to keep it running. And Internet
> advertising revenues is off significantly. And it is wise for Ancestry to
> attempt to merge comparable services that both organizations had to reduce
> operating costs. We complain mightily about the board merger; But I hear
> virtually no issues with the merger of WorldConnect and Ancestry's
> equivalent.

I think, as far as RootsWeb users were concerned the reason for this is that
the final merged product of WorldConnect/Ancestry World Tree contained no
actual changes on the RootsWeb side. It was the AWT program that was
changing to incorporate all the fine features that RootsWeb users already
were familiar with in WorldConnect.

The boards were a completely different story as they were a NEW product from
the ground up. Not many current board admins remember all the growing pains
that went into shaping the GenConnect boards--but there were quite a few
changes made along the way from the original program.

The new boards are a new start with new features and it isn't surprising that
it is taking many months (perhaps it will take years) to get all things
working as we would like them. Add to this the fact that this new program
came along at a time when financial situation of the dot-coms wasn't what
anyone would desire when undertaking a the development of a major new program.
> Let's just keep telling them what does not work and how we think they can
> make their services better with an appreciation that they are offering so
> much to the public at no cost.
Absolutely. Much more can be accomplished in an atmosphere of cooperation
and understanding than in one of hostility.


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