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Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] Ancestry side.
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 18:22:51 EST

In a message dated 12/22/01 6:15:12 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> When I go to post a reply, there is no surname place or classification.
> wrote:


This isn't an Ancestry interface board post. Note the URL has a // (double
slash where the "an" or "rw" should be. This is one of our mysterious
"twilight zone" board posts that come through the gateway with no
classification, no surnames, and the gateway sender address showing
rather than . The poster of this
message found a "loophole" no one is really sure how people are finding, and
posted this messages on a non-RootsWeb and non-Ancestry unbranded "Family
History" board that is a remnant of the early test boards.

If you try to access this post the board you are taken to has no Ancestry or
RootsWeb masthead and no banners (and no pop-ups <g>). However, if you try
to click on this link while logged in you will get an "access denied"

This anomaly has been reported to the development team and they have been
asked to close this "hole" so that users won't be able to access and post
from these "twilight zone" boards.


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