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From: "B. Warner" <>
Subject: Re: [BD-ADM] mailing list archives
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 11:34:22 -0600
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I too would be interested in the answer to this question because this is
exactly why I don't have my Boards gatewayed to their respective lists. If
the messages are inappropriate for the Board, and even if I do delete them
on the Board, they're still shot off to the mailing list. I'm not the
administrator for the mailing lists. Also, if the messages which are put
on the message boards are duplicated in the mailing list archives, doesn't
this result in a lot of duplicate returns when you run a search? Also, if
the Board is very high traffic, folks who are signed up for the mailing list
may not appreciate receiving all the messages from the Board too. If they
wanted to know about those messages, they could sign up separately for
notifications from the Board. I guess there must be a purpose I'm missing
here for the gateways. The thing also that concerns me too (very much) is
that if a message is posted which contains inaccurate information, many
times I will be contacted by the poster to delete the message so they can
re-post. If my Board was gatewayed to the mailing list, this "incorrect"
information would have ended up in hundreds of mailboxes, not to mention
being in the List archives. Doesn't this result in a lot of
inaccurate/incorrect information floating around out there in cyberspace?

B. Warner

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> I am a new Message Board Admin, and would like to ask if an inappropriate
> message is posted to a county message board, (i.e. county other than
> message board is for), does the admin have a chance to move/delete that
> message before it is gatewayed to a county mail list? Or does that county
> mail list end up with that message in it's archives forever?
> Hope the above isn't too confusing.
> Thank you.
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