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From: "Tilman Brandl" <>
Subject: [BD-ADM] I'm an address-harvester myself (Was: Yeah for Abuse-....)
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 13:17:42 +0100
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Hi George,

> To date, NO "spiders" or "harvesters" look for email addresses in the
> "source" where they are entered as ASCII characters. In fact, most
> web sources recommend only replacing the "@" symbol with the HTML
> code ".&#74;" [.....]
> [.....] But, I don't think it will be too long before the writers
> of the "spiders" and "harvesters" will re-write their programs

Ok then, I tend to believe you <bg> Actually the translation into ASCII
doesn't seem to be really widespread till now which could explain why
the spiders don't catch these.

Anyway, I'm looking at all this with somewhat mixed emotions. While I
don't want to see myself getting spammed by those who reap my
email-address from the web, I'm gathering email addresses myself: People
with my lists (and board's) surname I find this way are then getting
invited to subscribe and/or visit our surname-board. This isn't easy,
since only about 3-4 % of the emails I send out end with a subscription.
If all the addresses on the web were coming in disguise, I would be out
of luck with this (as I believe legit) method) ;-(


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