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Subject: [BAd] Re: Deletion of Messages
Date: 8 Nov 2003 00:38:33 -0700

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It is very late and I am very tired so that may be the reason I am not sure as to whether I you were attempting to be funny or were just being offensive.

"Super admin" being translated "Staff", I NEVER said Staff should explain their actions. They get paid to do what is in the best interest of us all and I try to always support Staff in their actions.

I would NEVER say that Staff should explain their deletion of a message from a board. My message dealt simply with the need for a place for ME to put MY reasons for deleting a message so I MYSELF could be remined at a later date whe I MYSELF could see no apparant reason for the deletion.

If there were a "Reason for Deletion" field, in the event a Staff member deleted a message, the reason could simply be "Staff Action" and I would leave well enough alone. If Staff were to delete a message, there would be a good reason for it and I MYSELF would not necessarily need to know what it was.

I do hope you will explain your response to my posting in more detail. You may do so privately if you wish to

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