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Subject: Re: strange behaviour by board posters
Date: 14 Mar 2005 13:22:55 -0700

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I'm posting this message on the end of this thread as I wish as many people as possible to be notified of it.

As one of those people who have long been helping people on the Lancashire Board and one of the first to have had my posts deleted, may I say that right from Day One of Ms Klein’s appointment we were trying to liaise with her to come to an agreement over what sites could and could not be mentioned. Even up to two days ago we listed sites which were quoted but charged and got a response, which doesn’t make sense as all those which charged were fine to be quoted, except for the one for 1837online, which produced a definite NO, with absolutely no suggestion of compromise whatsoever, despite this being the definitive Birth/Marriage/Death information for Britain.

We are aware that some administrators do understand the need to use a complete set of indexes and would be amenable to compromise, and here I quote :

“Staff can be asked if merely saying "we find this info, or you can find more info at 1837 online" is acceptable, just as one might say you can find it at the "General Record Office." Is is really necessary to include the commercial site? [ I don't really need an answer.]”

Unfortunately our problem has arisen because despite requesting compromises from the Administrator of the Lancashire Board, there has been absolutely NONE forthcoming. THIS has been the whole crux of the argument. Unfortunately she has had an attitude from the beginning which says “I’m in charge” and therefore, nobody else may have an opinion, in addition to which she has insulted us by name calling.

I would like to state here and now, for the benefit of this administrator and others who have speculated, that NONE of us have ever applied for a position of administrator either on the Lancashire Board or on any other and so no jealousy has ever been involved. Additionally, there was certainly no person who set out to cause trouble. The group who have been in communication with Ms Klein has been victimised by deleted messages without comment, the threat of reporting to the staff, is this intended to intimidate us? and a stubborn attitude totally opposed to harmony.

Lancashire was one of the most successful boards on Rootsweb, but now it has become one of those where questions are asked and never answered.

I just felt that the administrators who read and post on this board and who have jumped to conclusions, should know that there is another side to all of this, and Ms Klein has not been an innocent victim that she portrays, but rather an immovable dictator who has been totally resistant to compromise.

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