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From: "Beverly Brown" <>
Subject: BOHANNON - Choctaw Bonanans in Oklahoma
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 10:26:00 -0600

> From: Pat Salisbury <>
> To: Beverly Brown <>
> Subject: Re: BOHANNON
> Date: Thursday, November 27, 1997 12:01 PM
> Beverly:
> Where are your BOHANNON family from? I too am researching the
> BOHANNON line.
> Thanks
> Pat

Pat, here's what I know about my Bohanans. I've just started working on
them, so I *don't* know a lot more than I *do* know. I'm also sending this
to the Bohanan, Snead, and Yates lists (corollary line to the Yateses.)

Sukie Bohanan was a Choctaw (maybe or maybe not full-blood) in Indian
Territory, now southeastern Oklahoma. My guess is she was born about 1831.
The Choctaws were "removed" from Mississippi starting in 1832, so if I'm
right on my guess, she would have been born in Missippi; if she was born a
little later, it was probably in Indian Territory.

Sukie's siblings were Winnie Battiest (roll # 4606), Mary Bohanan, Annie
Bohanan, Eliza (or Agnes) Bohanan Norman, Isom Bohanan, Anthony Bohanan
(roll # 4653, d. 19 Jul 1912), and Martha Bohanan.

Sukie had at least two children. One was a daughter named Sally. I don't
know who her father was. The second was Amanda Apeha Williams (b. 1861, d.
1898). Amanda's father was William Apeha. When the Dawes Commission
enrolled Amanda, they told her she must take an English last name, so she
took her father William's first name as her last name. Amanda enrolled as a
full-blood Choctaw.

Sally married a white man, Benjamin Meriweather Snead (b. 1846, d. 1899),
by whom she had a son, 1) Thomas Kendrick Snead, b. about 1885. When Sally
died, Benjamin married her half-sister Amanda. They had the following
children: 2) Edward Paul Snead b. 1887 d. 1974, 3) Susan Jane Snead b.
about 1891, 4) Roberta Snead b. about 1893, 5) John Yates Snead b. about
1896. When John Yates Snead was a baby, both Benjamin and Amanda died.

A man named Thomas Sanguin was awarded guardianship of the Snead children.
I have a photocopy of the court document. I have found a Thomas Sanguin in
the middle of a family tree of Bohanans that I haven't been able to link to
mine (also Choctaw), but I think there must be a link there, and that
Thomas Sanguin was probably a cousin of both Sally and Amanda. The
Mosholetabbe District (Mississippi) roll made in 1831 shows a Silas Bohanan
(no race given) with 4 in the family and a William Bohanan (white man) with
ten in his family. These Bohanans are related to Thomas Sanguin.

Benjamin's brother, Thomas Snead, who had been a confirmed bachelor,
married a very young Eugia Stanfield to help him take care of the children,
and when members of the mothers' family came to get the children (since
they did, after all, have custody), Thomas hid them in the woods until they

Benjamin and Thomas were sons of John Yates Snead (b. 1819, d. 1892), who
was the son of Moses Snead (b. 1796, d. 1855) and Martha Marshall Yates.

So, Pat, does any of this connect to the Bohannon line you're researching?
If your Bohannons are white, maybe they tie back into the ones in 1831

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