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From: "Joan L. Asche" <>
Subject: Fwd: Bolivia genealogy site
Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 15:23:01 -0500

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Subject: Bolivia genealogy site
Date: 12/24/2005, 12:43 PM


I maintain a genealogy surname-matching site at

I would like to tell your list members about it, but this requires the
admin's approval, especially since the site is supported by commercial

It doesn't do much good to find a matching surname if they lived in a
different town. Thats why my site groups submitted surnames by the
ancestral town, displaying them as e-mail links so the other researcher
can click to contact the submitter and perhaps acquire cousins by the

Another option is to set up a new e-mail address with an autoresponder,
giving some information, and details for further contact; and then supply
that e-mail address for the link tat will appear on my site.

The submitter can also a GEDCOM file onto his/her own site and use the URL
instead of an e-mail address, since the GEDCOM file contains contact
information embedded in it. This cuts through language barriers when the
GEDCOM file is imported by the other user, into genealogy software in that
user's language. (Notes and sources, of course, are not automatically
translated, but the genealogy facts are.)

Yet another common choice is to submit surnames with no e-mail or other
contact information at all. I get lots of those. I don't add them to my
site, and even if I did, it wouldn't help because the other user would
have no way to contact the submitter, but nevertheless I do get lots of

If every genealogist would submit his/her genealogy surnames to my site,
it would make the connections a lot easier.

Thanks for your time.

Tom Alciere


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