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Subject: [BOONE-L] Bryan info & Misc. Families
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 14:37:20 EDT

Hi Lists, as most of you know I am researching many of the families found on
the 1768 Rowan CO NC tax list of Morgan Bryan JR because of the 4 Copes'
found listed on this tax list. I don't know if I will ever find who they are
related to involving the 181 men men listed on this tax list but I won't stop
trying to find who they are.
Rowan CO NC marriages- 1753-1868 by Brent H. Holcomb- 1986 and listings
found in the Jo White Linn book- Rowan CO NC tax lists 1757-1800.

1) Joseph Bryan & Esther Hampton- 30 Nov 1772- John Bryan BM- AD. Osborn
wit.- found Joseph Bryan and David Hamton 1784 Rowan- tax list of Capt. Basil
Gaither list and Joseph Bryan & David Hamton 1787 list of Capt. Basil
Gaither. The 1787 list also has George Willcockson JR , George Bryan, John
Bryan, Ruth Willcox ( Ruth Johnston ? who marr. Isaac Wilcoxen/Wilcockson ) ,
Jessey Bryan, Charles, Frederick and Margaret Hunter.
Note: I found a David Hampton on the 1787-88 tax lists in Fayette CO KY.
2) 2) John Bryan & Rebeccah Orten- 26 Aug 1774- John Orten BM- Ad. Osborn
wit: found John and Joseph Orten and John Bryan listed next to them on the
1778 tax list of Capt. Armstrong.
3) Samuel Bryan & Rachel Jacks- 10 Mar 1779- Rudolf March BM- Ad. Osborn
wit.-( this guy is a CC county clerk ) - found Rudolph March on the 1768 tax
list of Morgan Bryan JR and 1778 Capt. Lyon tax list- The 1778 tax list of
Capt. Johnston. has Samuel Bryan and Richard Jacks is listed next to James
Bryan JR, Samuel Bryan is listed next to Jacob Brinegar.
4) Henry Bryan & Elizabeth Sparks- 11 Feb 1786- Thomas Enochs BM- William W.
Erwin wit.- The name of Henry Bryan is found on the Morgan Bryan tax list
and on men who paid a marriage tax in Rowan CO 1785-1786. No Henry Bryan
found listed after this date but I find Elizabeth Bryan ??, Thomas Enochs,
Joseph Bryan, Joseph Bryan Jr, William Linville, David Enochs, Benjamin
Hinkle, Christopher Howard, Gabriel Enochs, Adam Brinegar, Enoch Enochs ,
William, David and Jonas Sparks on the 1791 tax list of Capt. Enochs.
5) James Bryan & Margaret Johnson- 8 Dec 1790- John Johnston BM- C. Caldwell-
CC wit. John Jonson Morgan Bryan tax list.
6) Lewis Bryan- does not list who he marr- just this- 7 Dec 1796- Henry
McGuyre BM- Humphrey Marshall wit.- found Lewis Brian 1796 tax list of Capt.
Hinkle-with John Bryan, Nicholas Brian, and Samuel Brian, William Linville,
Benjamin Hinkle, Adam Brinegar, David, Isaac Enocks, - David , Jonas and
William Sparkes.- No McGuires or Marshalls.
7) Thomas Bryan & Jane Horn- 30 Oct 1802- Erasmus Canter BM- Ad. Osborn wit.
8) Samuel Bryan & Elizabeth Johnson- 10 Apr 1805- Daniel Hinkle BM- Jn. March
Sr. wit.
9) Braxter Bryan & Lydia Harbin- 30 Mar 1811- Benjamin Dullen BM- Jn. March
Jr. wit.
10) Lewis H. Bryan & Jane C. Andrew- 22 Oct 1817- William Chaffin BM-
11) John Bryant & Susanah Howard- 17 mar 1818- Aquillar Cheshier BM- John
March SR. wit.

1) John Boone & Martha Quin- 19 Oct 1768-abstract- James Cooper BM- Thomas
Frohock wit.
2) Benjamin Boone & Mary Wilson- 25 Feb 1783- Ebenezer Pratt BM
3) John Boon & Polly Wells- 6 Sept 1803- Samuel Little BM- A.L. Osborn wit.

Ruliff/Rudolph Booe & Mary Bushellson - 9 mar 1776- John Hunter BM- Ad.
Osborn wit.- Note: I can't find the BushELLSON surname any where but I have a
clue to who she might be. The 1778 tax list of Capt. Lyon I find Rudolph Booe
and the only surname on this list that makes since is a Thomas NELLSON and
John Hunter is also on this list.
I have 9 more Booe marriages from 1799-1833-

1) Aron Linvel/Linville & Charity Hutchens- 23 may 1769- David Linvel & John
Hutchens BM- Charles McAnlly wit: Note; The name of Charles McAnally is found
in Augusta CO VA 1750 and in Surry CO NC 1770s. Aron and David Linville found
1768 tax list of William Spurgin with the Mendenhalls' ( Chester CO PA ) and
Aron & david Linville found in Guilford and Surry CO NC.
2) John Linvil/Linville & Sarah Busby- no date- married during Gov. Martin's
admin- William Worthington BM- Hugh Magoune wit.

1) George Willcockson & Elizabeth Beam- 20 oct 1767- George Boone & John
Wilcockson BM- Thomas Frohock wit.
2) George Willcockson & Elizabeth Pinchback- 23 Feb 1789- William Hall BM-
Will Alexander wit.The only Pinchback I find is a John Pinchback 1787 tax
list of Aeneas Campbell and John Pinchback 1795 Rowan CO NC listed as a
Tavern Keeper as well a Devolt Mock and others.

1) Jacob Bringer & Mary Pock/Prock- 5 Dec 1768- Mathias M. Prock & William
Brown BM- John Frohock wit. consent from Margert Pock/Prock, mother of Mary-
5 Dec 1768.
2) John Brenniger & Lucretia linville- 9 Feb 1779- Samuel Bryan BM- William
R. David wit.- 1778 Capt. Johnston tax list
3) Mary Bunonger & Thomas Bracken- 21 Mar 1788- William Butler BM- J. McEwen
4) Ann Breneger & Samuel Bracking/Bracken- 20 Dec 1789- William Butler- BM-
Basil Gaither wit.
5) Jno. Brinegar & Ann Brown- 13 oct 1832- Ephriam Gaither BM- Thomas
McNeely- J.P. wit.

1) Thomas Prater & Valinda Robey- 12 Jan 1783- William Williamson BM- William
Crawford wit.
2) Thomas Prater & Rachel Gaither- 20 mar 1790- William Prater BM- Ad. Osborn

1784 Rowan CO NC tax list of Capt. Basil Gaither-
Morgan Bryan
Morgan Bryan JR
George Bryan
Joseph Bryan
Daniel Bryan
Samuel Bryan
James Bryan
Sarah Bryan
Elizabeth Bryan
George Willcoxon
George Willcoxon JR
David Hamton
John Hunt
John Eaton

1787 Fayette CO KY- tax list of Thomas Lewis-tax list C
Morgan Bryan- 1784 Rowan
Morgan Bryan JR- 1784 Rowan
James Bryan- 1784 Rowan
Daniel Bryan- 1784 Rowan
Samuel Bryant- ? 1784 Rowan ?
David Hampton ? - 1784 Rowan ?
John Hunt- 1784 Rowan ?
Jonathan Eaton- 1784 Rowan ?
others on this list-
John Buneger/ Brinegar ?
Thomas Burris-may be the one marr. Elizabeth Stephens- Thomas Burris died
1836 Clark CO KY .-son of Thomas Burris & Frances Tandy
Daniel Willcoxson
Samuel Boon
Samuel Boon JR
Joseph Boon
John kekele- they are Keathley's on the 1788 tax list for Fayette CO KY.
Jacob Kekele
Jacob kekele- a Jesse Keathley marr. Susannah Cope b) 1788 VA and they are
found in White CO TN 1812. Susannah Cope sister to William, Andrew and James
Cope of TN.
David Bryan- tax paid by James Bryan
John Briant
John Briant- listed with Eli Cleveland
Cornelius Ringo- listed with Eli Cleveland
William Bush - may be the one who marr. Frances Burris- dau. of Thoams
Burris & Frances Tandy
Andrew Treble/Trimble - marr. Sarah Ann Burris-dau. of Thomas Burris &
Frances Tandy.
Joseph Emmery/Embry- marr. Mildred Burris- dau. of Thomas Burris & Frances
James Quinsbury/Quinsenberry- marr. Jane Burris- dau. of Thomas & Frances
Note: These Burris families seem to be the closest link to any Burris I have
found so far to my Elizabeth Burris a who marr. James Cope found 1810-1820
Floyd CO KY.

Fort Boone -Settlers-
David Bryant
George Bryant
Henry Bryant
James Bryant
Jonathan Bryant
Joseph Bryant
Rebecca Bryant
Thomas Bryant
William Bryant

Capt. William Bush- marr. Frances Burris ?
There is a Jacob Baughman and John Baughman on this list and Elizabeth Bryan
widow of David Bryan 1766 Augusta CO VA marr. a John Bowman. Samuel Woods is
listed here as well and a Samuel Wood marr. Margaret Robinson widow of
William Robinson of Augusta CO VA. William Robinson is listed with the Bryan
family of Augusta CO VA.
Cornelius O'Bryan is in Augusta CO VA and he looks like he has aconnection to
the Bryans' of Augusta CO VA. The 1782 Rockingham CO VA tax list shows this-
Morgan Bryan
Thomas Bryan
Peter Bryan
John Bryan
William Bryan
Thomas Bryan JR.
The Stephen and John RUDDLE and Andrew BIRD families are in Augusta CO VA and
in Rockingham CO VA 1782 and Hamphire CO VA 1782-84.
Thats' all folks-
PS- to the Bryants' on this e-mail I found Patrick Masterson on the 1811 Clay
CO KY tax list.

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