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Subject: Re: [BOONE-L] Does anyone how about this?
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 13:57:10 -0500

For anyone interested in the Hansborough family I have developed the
following information in researching the Scoggan line in Shelby Co KY:

Born c1769
Married Sarah Scoggan c1789 Culpeper County, Virginia
Born 11 Sep 1769 Fauquier County, Virginia
Died 1856
Children (order of birth unknown):
Anne Hansborough
m. Iverson Ware 23 Jul 1811 Shelby County, Kentucky

Elizabeth Hansborough
m. George Sanders 20 Apr 1814 Shelby County, Kentucky

Morias Hansborough
b. c1795-1802
m. Catharine Smith 08 Apr 1819 Shelby County, Kentucky

Silas Hansborough
b. c1804-1810
m. Sarah W Watts 10 Oct 1837 Shelby County, Kentucky

Parmenas Hansborough
b. c1804-1810
m. Dulsina Rucker 24 Dec 1834 Shelby County, Kentucky

Jane Hansborough
m. Louis N Sanders 20 Dec 1833 Shelby County, Kentucky

(daughter) Hansborough
m. ----- Sanders

(daughter) Hansborough
m. ----- Irwin

John Hansborough, who married Sarah Scoggan, was a son of Morias and Jane

Sarah Scoggan, who was born in 1769, and John Hansborough were married in
Culpeper County, Virginia, about 1789, with George Dodson as surety on their
bond, and died in 1856 at the home of her son, Dr. Silas Hansborough. She is
buried in the Odd Fellows Cemetery at Simpsonville in Shelby County,
Kentucky. John Hansborough and Sarah Scoggan were the parents of Morias,
Silas, who married Catherine, Elizabeth who married George Sanders, Anne who
married Iverson Ware, Parmenas, Jane, two other daughters who were married
to men named Sanders, one who was married to a man named Irwin, from whom
Mrs. Nettie Irwin of New Albany, Indiana, descended, and two daughters who
were killed by Indians.

However the two Hansborough children, known to have been killed by Indians
Kentucky, died in 1781 and could not have been daughters of Sarah Scoggan,
who was born in 1769 and married John Hansborough about 1789. The two
Hansborough girls who were killed in the massacre at Long Run were sisters
of John Hansborough, who was a son of Morias and Jane Hansborough:

Morias Hansborough, who was born c1740 and died in Shelby County, Kentucky,
1800, married (1) Jane ------ and (2) Mary Underwood. By Jane he had John
Hansborough, who was born c1769 and married Sarah Scroggin; daughters
Susannah Hansborough, who was born c1775 and married Luke Robinson; George
Hansborough, who was born c1777 and married Nancy Howard; and Joel
Hansborough, who was born in March 1779 and married Lucy Gooch. Morias is
not known to have had any children by Mary Underwood. Luke Robinson and
Susannah Hansborough had a son James from whom Martha Ellen McDaniel
Thompson of Redding, California, in 1983, descends.

The daughters whose names are not known probably were the two daughters
killed by
the Indians at Long Run. Morias Hansborough must have been among the early
settlers of Shelby County, Kentucky, who made their home at Squire Boones
Station in April 1781. Located on Clear Creek, where Shelbyville is now, the
fort, which was also known as Painted Stone Station, was then somewhat
isolated from other settlements. While traveling from Linns Station to
Brashears Station, to get a minister to conduct two weddings at Linns,
Major Bland Ballard observed signs of a large body of Indians in the area
and rode to surrounding settlements, including Boones Station, where he
arrived at night, to warn them. For safety, the inhabitants of Boones
decided to accompany Ballard back to Linns, in the more densely populated
area around Louisville. Squire Boone could not get ready in time to go with
them and could not prevail upon them to wait another day, so he and a few
other families, who could not get their belongings together immediately,
remained at Boones, intending to follow later. Ballard and his party set
out the next morning. At Long Run of Floyds Fork in eastern Jefferson
County, near the Shelby County line, the group was attacked by the Indians
and a great many settlers were killed, including two Misses Hansboros,
sisters of Joel Hansboro.

Morias Hansborough is listed in the Culpeper County Minute Book for
1763-1764 on
pages 343, 381 and 434.

Joel Hansborough, married Lucy Gooch on 13 February 1810 in Shelby County
James Craig as bondsman. George Hansborough married Nancy Howard, daughter
Drury and Mary Howard on 27 April 1799.

The brothers of Sarah Scoggan Hansborough apparently came with, or followed,
her to
Kentucky, bringing their mother Winnie Dodson Scoggan.

On 28 March 1812 John and Sarah Hansborough sold three similar tracts of
land in Shelby County on the waters of Gist Creek to John Scoggan, George
Scoggan and William Dodson Scoggan. The land was part of a tract of 1375
acres surveyed earlier for William Crowder. Charles Scoggan seems to have
settled in Jefferson County.

Anne Hansborough (Hansbrough), daughter of John Hansborough (Hansbrough),
was surety on the bond, married Iverson Ware on 23 July 1811 in Shelby
Elizabeth Hansborough (Hansbrough), daughter of John Hansborough
(Hansbrough), who was surety on the bond, married George Sanders (Saunders)
on 20 April 1814. Morias Hansborough married Catharine Smith, daughter of
George G. Smith, on 08 April 1819. Parmenus Hansborough married Dulsina
Rucker on 24 December 1834 with Isaac Lewis as bondsman. Silas Hansborough
married Sarah W. Watts, daughter of William Watts, on 10 October 1837, with
James Wells, guardian of Sarah, as surety.

Iverson Ware was a member of the Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church in Woodford
County, Kentucky, in 1801. He died in Shelby County, Kentucky, about 1822.
His will names his wife Anne and children John and Louisianny.

William Dodson Scoggan married Mary Polly Settle on 13 Jan 1801 in
County, Virginia, and died in Adams County, Illinois, about 1857.

William D. Scaggan, Polly Suttle, 13 Jan 1801, Fauquier

Mary Polly Settle was a daughter of James or William Settle.

George Scoggan married (1) Anne Weakley, daughter of Thomas Weakley and
Elizabeth Redding, on 20 February 1800 in Shelby County, Kentucky, and (2)
Abigail Martin, daughter of Samuel Martin and Susannah Wickcliffe on 07
March 1804 in Woodford County, Kentucky, and died in 1834 in Lawrence
County, Indiana.2 James Martin was surety for George Scoggan and Anne

John and Sarah Scoggan Hansborough appear on the 1820 census for Shelby
County, with Morias Hansborough next to them:

John Hansbrough 1 M 45+ 1 F 45+ (Sarah)
2 M 10-16 (Silas) 1 F 16-26 (?)

Morias Hansbrough 1 M 18-26 1 F 16-26 (Catharine)
1 F -10

Joel Hansborough was tabulated next to Enoch Hansborough, whose relationship
John Hansborough is not known but at age 45 or more Enoch was born by 1775
probably a brother of John:

Enoch Hansbrough 1 M 45+ 1 F 45+
2 M 18-26 1 F 16-26
1 M 10-16 1 F 10-16
1 M -10 2 F -10

Joel Hansbrough 1 M 26-45 1 F 45+
4 M -10 1 F 26-45 (Lucy)
1 F 10-16
2 F -10

William Hansborough who also lived in Shelby County in 1820 was of the same
generation as John and Enoch Hansborough and may have been another brother:

William Hansbrough 1 M 45+ 1 F 26-45
1 M 10-16 2 F 10-16
2 M -10 2 F -10

Ann Hansborough, who resided in Jefferson County, also has not been
connected with the family:

Ann Hansbrough 1 F 26-45
3 F -10

Parmenus Hansborough (Hansbrough) and Dulcina Rucker were married in Shelby
County on 24 December 1834. Isaac Lewis was surety on their bond.

Susan Ware, daughter of Iverson Ware, deceased, married George D. Rucker in
Shelby County on 02 December 1836, with D. Hansborough (Hansbrough) as

[end of excerpt from file]

Bill Scroggins

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Date: Sunday, January 28, 2001 2:34 PM
Subject: [BOONE-L] Does anyone how about this?

>I found this on one of my FTM CDs:
>Thomas Benton Smith m. to Sarah Boone Wilcox/ John Squire Wilcox/ Gibson T.
Wilcox/ John Wilcox m. to Sarah Boone/ Squire Boone II/ Squire Boone/
George Boone III
>The info on the Cd said Thomas Benton Smith was the son of Francis Benton
Smith and Martha Hansbrough. And that Martha came from the Ball family of
which Mary Ball, the mother of Pres. George Washington was also from.
>I just recently found this on the CD so haven't had the time to check it
ou, but if I have been in the dark to long and someone already found the
connection from Martha Hansbrough to Mary Ball, I would appreciate knowing
the line between them!
>Also because I have had many request to do so, I have reposted the
information I have collected to date on George Boone III downward... feel
free to check it out at my homepage ...
>Barb Terrell

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