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Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 08:28:19 -0800 (PST)
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Thanks for posting this information. By chance, do you see the names Bradley, Grimes, Bryan, Sharp, Frank, Logan, or Alexander listed from the pages you copied?

My ancestor Leonard Keeling Bradley married Mary "Polly" Boone, daughter of Samuel Boone and Sarah Day. Their oldest son Terry Bradley (my gggg grandfather) married Nancy Bryan Grimes, granddaughter of Mary Boone and William Bryan. I am also descended through L.K. Bradley's son Squire Boone Bradley who married Lucetta Estes Sharp.

Additionally, I am researching my gggg grandfather Timothy Logan who migrated from North Carolina with the Boone family (or so the "legend" says), and married Sarah Boone. I have been unable to prove this marriage and have no idea who her parents may have been.



Chester Buchanan <> wrote:
Kathryn, et al.

You are likely right about the subject Squire Boone being the son of George and Nancy. According to Spraker, this Squire married Mourning Grubbs in 1808 (Madison Co., KY - location of Tates Cr.). Mourning was the daughter of Higgason and Lucy Grubbs, and according to Reflections, Higgason Grubbs was a trustee of Boonesborough in 1787 and a member of Tates Creek Baptist Church! Good circumstantial evidence.

Please note that I only photocopied a few selected pages from the manuscript. I don't remember if it was bound (though I think it was), how many pages it contained (photocopy margins on the selected pages indicate about 50 pages), or if it was copy righted. You need to contact KY Historical Society, where the manuscript is held (100 w. Broadway, Frankfort, KY 40601), for the correct information.


Following are all of the Boone related quotations from Reflections.

Reflections in the Wind, Reliving A Memorable ERA in Northern Madison County
by Guypsie Lee Cosby Jones (written below her name in pencil is: 460 Whitlock Rd., Richmond, KY 40475, 606-623-3289)

p. 2 - Gives the 10 trustees of Boonesborough in 1787 (from Richmond Register, July 31, 1982) - seven of whom are members of the Tates Creek Baptist Church. Grubbs is listed as one of the trustees.

The church was found by Andrew Tribble, a pastor from a Baptist church in Albemarle Co., VA. "He found congenial spirits in Samuel Tate and George Boone already settled in Madison County, and organized the Tates Creek Separate Baptist Church at Shallow Ford in 1786. Prominent among the pioneer members were the Boones, Hoys, Chenaults, Jarmans, Newlands, Woods, Tinstalls, Grubbs, Goodloes, and Lipscombs. Besides Andrew Tribble, its pioneer ministers were George Boone, Thomas Jarman, David Chenault, and Richard Morton."

p. 3
(Title) "Minutes of the Eightieth Meeting of the Tates Creek Association of United Baptists Held with the Red Lick Church, Madison County, Kentucky on August 26, and 27 Days 1873 by D.A. Chenault."

(Subject Title) "History of Tates Creek Church"

"I find ... two Tates Creek churches designed: Tates Creek log and stone meeting houses, in the same vicinity. The log under the protection of the Tanner Station, the stone the Hoy Station, whose base was about seven miles from the old Boonesborough Fort." [I believe "I" in this sentence is Gypsie Jones and not Chenault.]

"The Tates Creek stone house church, some of whose most noted efforts I propose to notice was constituted about 1786; Andrew Tribble, appearing as her officiating pastor, and continued to serve her in that capacity until 1819... ."

p. 7
(Subject Title) "Selected minutes of Tates Creek Baptist Church, from the original handwritten minutes at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky." [I did not copy all "selected minutes" below, but only those relating to Boone.]

"June the first Saturday, 1789
George Boone restored to fellowship. Ebenezer Parks restored to fellowship. James Berry - Clerk."

"July the first Saturday, 1799
A committee was formed to discuss a brothers conduct and said, the brothers conduct was unseemly and from a review of his ministerial character, could not be countenanced by those who love the interests of religion.

signed by,
Christopher Harris-Moderator
Squire Boone - Clerk"

p. 8
Nancy Boone joined by letter."

"February 1805
Nancy Boone granted a letter of dismission."

p. 9
"August 1805
A charge against George Boone by John Turner but not investigated. George Boone against Archibald Wood laid over for further investigation."

"August 1809
A charge leveled against George Boone for bringing suit against Bro. Talbot and Brethren Josiah Phelps, and John Weigle appointed to cite him to attend next meeting.'

"January 1810
Bro. George Boone is acquitted by the church. The Bro. George Boone is granted a letter of dismission."

John Boone joined by experience."

PS: Let me know if you suspect typos in the above.

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Subject: [BOONE-L] Tate's Creek Baptist Church

> Could the Squire Boone at Tate's Creek Baptist June 1799 be another s/o George & Nancy Linville Boone?
> Squire-2's sons said:
> "In '80 - '81, he acted as a justice, & married several couples at the old Station in '80." Moses Boone
> "Never made a profession of religion - though so inclined: could not, as Ths. S. Hinde says, have been at the
> great Cane Ridge meeting in 1802, & converted there. Was generous - too much so for his own good; very
> indifferent about property, money, &c." Isaiah Boone
> "The ancestry were Quakers & Squire Boone (my informant's father, seemed to share in that faith - so E. M.
> Boone thinks was his father's belief)." Enoch Morgan Boone, to LCD 1858 [Enoch was Baptist]
> Chester, maybe you could give us the details of what the book said about George & Squire?
> Kathryn
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