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From: "Gayle Austin" <>
Subject: [BOOTH-L] Booth(e) Marriages-Pittsylvania Co, VA
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2000 11:58:13 -0500

Booth(e) Marriage Bonds- Pittsylvania County

January 19, 1795 Charles Booth and Mary Barker, Bondsman: Mathew
Sparks, Signer of Certificate: Mary Barker, Married by James Kinney (p

June 16, 1799 Morris Booth and Susanna Billings Bondsman: Richard
Ramsey, Married by Richard Elliott, (p 26)

June 6, 1801 Eppa Booth and Amy Tucker, Bondsman: Lewis Tucker (p 31)

May 24, 1807 Sarah Booth and Jonathan Hawkins, Daughter of William
Booth, Bondsman: William Booth, Signer: William Booth, Father (p 43)

March 16, 1812 Samuel M Boothe and Rachael Harp Sur: Adams Sutherlin by
Rev Thomas Sparks who says Merady Boothe 9 p 52)

July 5, 1813 Thomas Booth and Elizabeth K Geesling, Sur: William
Spencer, Signers: Sarah Geesling and Epaphroditus Booth (p 54)

July 3, 1816 Berry Boothe and Nancy Booth, Bondsman: William Atkinson,
John Booth, Grandfather, Nancy signs for herself. John Booth, Jr and
Mary Booth say Nancy is in her 23rd year. (p60)

May 18, 1818 John Booth and Mary O Deneal Bondsman: Philip Harp (p 65)

May 3, 1820 John Booth and Elizabeth Brown, Bondsman: Winston Brown,
Signer: Elizabeth Brown, Married by William Blair (p 70)

December 24, 1822 William Booth and Jemima Lane, Bondsman: William
Hall, Married by Ira Ellis ( p 74)

July 21, 1828 Lawson Boothe and Mary Jones, Bondsman: Phillip Elliott,
Signer: James Elliott as “acting for Miss Mary Jones, her parents not
being alive” (p 90)

March 2, 1859 William I Booth and Mary White by Jesse Woodson (p 173)

March 2, 1859 William T Boothe and Mary White Signers of Certificate:
Willis Boothe, Father, Tabitha Boothe, Mother, Abram White, Father,
Martha White, Mother (p 173)

November 16, 1829 Mary Ann Booth and Thomas Sparks, Bondsman: Thomas S
Drain, Signer: Nancy Booth (p 94)

December 6, 1854 Mary A.M.F. Booth and William Turner, Joseph Turner,
Father, Sarah Turner, Mother, Solomon Booth, Father, Nancy Booth, Mother
( p 158)

November 5, 1857 Mary Booth and Charles H Wommack, Charles Wommuck,
Father, Marthy Wommuck, Mother, Willis Boothe, Father, Tabitha Boolthe,
Mother ( p 169)

April 16, 1862 Judith Booth, 44, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co and William
Goodman, 65, Widowed by James M Bell April 16, 1862 (p 4)

March 24, 1864 S. P. Boothe, 64, Widowed, b Pittsylvania Co., Farmer,
and Nancy Bohannon, 50, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co Parents: Joe and
Elizabeth Bohannon Sur: I H Forbes March 21, 1864 (p 6)

January 24, 1865 Benjamin Boothe, 21, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co,
Tanner, and Elizabeth J Earp, 19, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co, Parents:
S. P. and Nancy Boothe and Philip and Eliza Earp. Sec: A H Forbes
January 23, 1865 ( p 7)

May 4, 1865 Maria E Boothe, 18, Single, b. in Pittsylvania Co, and
Newton R Wells, 25, Widow, Farmer b. in Lounds, Ga, Parents: H L and M J
Wells and Willis and T Boothe May 1, 1865, (p 8)

January 25, 1866 Joseph Boothe, 25, Single, Farmer, b. Pittsylvania Co
and Nancy Slayton, 17, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Sullivan P
and Nancy Boothe and James and Polly Slayton, Sec: A H Forbes January
23, 1866 ( p 11)

March 29, 1866 Elisha Newby, 22, Single, Farmer, b. Pittsylvania Co and
Sarah R Boothe, 18, Single, b Pittsylvania Co. Parents: Albert and
Sarah Newby and Willis and Tabitha Boothe Sec: J H Forbes March 28,
1866 ( p 12)

March 29, 1866 Jackson Boothe, 21, Single, Farmer, b. Pittsylvania Co
and Isabella Shackleford, 19, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Willis
and Tabitha Boothe and Garland and Mary Shackleford, Sur: J H Forbes,
March 28, 1866 ( p 12)

December 19, 1867 Christo S Booth, 28, Single, b. Franklin Co, Va.,
Merchant, and Susan E Wooding, 25, Single, b. Pittsylvania Co; Parents:
Chris A and Mary L Booth and Thos W and Eliza Wooding; Sec: John H
Lacy, December 16, 1867 (p 24)

December 27, 1868 Abram Graves, 25, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co,
and Fanny Boothe, 16, Single, b Pittsylvania Co. Parents: Abram and
Malissa Graves and Saml Hancock and Amy Keen Sur: George Pearcy,
December 24, 1868 (p 31)

November 25, 1875 Danl T Barker, 20, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co
and Docey Ann Boothe,16, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Josiah and
Martha Barker and A. B. Boothe, Sur: C W Wood, November 22, 1875 (p

February 13, 1878 Wiley Booth, Single, Farmer,b Pittsylvania Co and
Letty Miller, 20, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Tony and Judith
Booth and Paul and Mary Miller, Sur: Jno G Lee, February 8, 1878 ( p

February 19, 1880 Benjamin Boothe, 36, Widow, Farmer, b in Pittsylvania
Co and Eliza T Hall, 26, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Sullivan P
and Nancy Boothe and Henry J and Maratha A Hall, February 22, 1880 (p

August 26, 1880 Jos S Booth, 24, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co and
Jennie Newby, 24, Single, b Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Willia and T
Booth and AJ and SF Newby, Sur: E B Chaney, August 25, 1880 ( P 109)

December 12, 1883 George W Newby, 23, Single, Farmer, b in Pittsylvania
Co and Mary S Booth, 18, Single, b in Pittsylvania Co, Parents: Albert
or Ashby and Sallie Newby and William T and Mary Booth, Sur: C W Wood,
December 10, 1883 ( p 132)

December 20, 1883 W M Jennings, 21, Single, Farmer and Ida V Boothe,
14, Single, Parents: William and Fannie Jennings and Andrew J and
Isabella W Boothe, Sec: C W Wood, December 17, 1883 ( p 133)

December 26, 1883 Henry W Boothe, 23, Single, Farmer, b Halifax Co ;and
:Martha J White, 16, Single, b Pittsylvania Co Parents: John s and
Sallie Boothe and Abram and Sarah F White Sur: C W Wood, December 24,
1883 ( p 133)

January 14, 1885 James H Boothe, 25, Single, Farmer, b Pittsylvania Co,
and Mary C V Boothe, 20, Single, b Halifax Co, Parents: William T and
Polly Boothe (James) and John S and Sallie Booth ( Mary). Sur: C W
Wood, January 12, 1885 ( p 143)

September 6, 1893 Walter C Noell, 20, Single, Bank Clerk b Pittsylvania
Co. and Susie W Boothe, 18, Single, b Danville Parents: Jesse R and Ann
E Noell and CS and Sue W Boothe, Sur: J H Lambeth, September 30, 1893

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