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Subject: [BOSCHONG] Peter Nicholas and wife Juliana Bushong - RockinghamCounty, Virginia
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 12:49:02 EST

Good Afternoon Boschong Subscribers, We have posted some about Jacob
Bushong and wife Juliana Weigel so refer back to the BOSCHONG Archives for the
months of January 2005, January 2007, May 2007, March 2009, June 2009,
August 2009 and October 2009. There may be others I have missed.

14 January 1811, Jacob Bushong wrote his Will in Augusta County, Virginia.
He died and the Will was proven in court 23 March 1812. His heirs were not
named in the Will, just two sons-in-law, Philip Hains and Peter Nicholas.
We are thinking of sending for the entire settlement as we understand that
the following were listed as legatees: Philip Hains, Peter Nicholas, Jacob
Harshbarger, Peter Link, Peter Nau, and Philip Miller, all sons-in-law.
The post for June 2009 is particularly significant so go back and read that
one in particular. McGaheysville is a stones throw from the property

Abstracts of land Grant Surveys 1761 - 1792 by Peter Cline Kaylor
(Augusta & Rockingham Counties)

Page 142. ANDREW BUSHONG, 120 Acres, Cub Run. adj. Robert Williams.10
November 1770

Page 59. JACOB BUSHONG, 33 Acres, drafts of Cook Creek adj. Alexander
Miller, 15 March 1786

Page 238. John Carpenter, 110 Acres, branch of Cub Run, adj. His father &
HENRY BUSHONG. 27 May 1774
Jacob's daughter Juliana Bushong married Peter Nicholas. Although Peter
was named in Jacob Bushong's Will as an executor, Peter Nicholas refused to
serve. Peter Nicholas and his family were part of the Peaked Mountain
Church Congregation which was organized in 1769 in Augusta County now
Rockingham County, Virginia. The Nicholas family were charter members of the
congregation. This will be on-going research as we look for more documents in
court records and order them.
Records of the Peaked Mountain Church:

John Nicholas and wife Margaret Lorentz had a son named Jacob who was born
15 July 1724. In turn that son Jacob Nicholas married Barbara Zeller
(Seller) and had 12 children, one of which was Peter Nicholas born 5 April 1762.
His sponsors when he was baptized at the Peaked Mountain Church were Peter
Mueller (Miller) and wife Anna Maria.
This Peter Nicholas married Juliana Bushong, daughter of Jacob Bushong and
Juliana Weigel.
The amazing part about this lineage is some of the Conrad descendants lived
in Page County and eventually married in to the Kite family which married
in to the Koontz family, which married in to the Battlefield family at New
Market. The Circle of Life!
Now the interesting part about this congregation is some of the names of
members who interacted in court records or married with Bushongs. Those being
Armentrout, Long, Pence, Conrad, Risch (Rush) and Mueller (Miller).
Remember that a Conrad couple were married and John Bushong was bondsman?

Joseph Conrad to Rebecca Gunner
23 May 1786
Bondsman: John Bushong

Note: See posts for April 2007 and June 2007 for Conrad name.

George Risch/Rush who married Mary Bushong was a member of this
congregation too. Mary Bushong was another one of the daughters of Jacob Bushong and
Juliana Weigel.

Peaked Mountain Church
Parents: George Risch (Rush) and wife Mary
Child: Mary Juliana Risch (Rush)
Born: 1 September 1784, Rockingham County, Virginia
Baptized: 2 November 1784, by Rev. Mr. Schmidt
Sponsor: Grandmother
Juliana Bushong, d/o Jacob Bushong and Juliana Weigel
Born: 22 February 1761, Rockingham County, Virginia
Married: 20 December 1786 to Peter Nicholas

Peter Nicholas s/o Jacob Nicholas and Barbara Zeller (Seller)
Born: 5 April 1762, Rockingham County, Virginia
Baptized at Peaked Mountain Church, Rockingham County, Virginia. Sponsor at
baptism were Peter Mueller (Miller) and wife Anna Maria
He died 10 July 1832.

According to census records they had five children and this is confirmed by
the baptismal records for this couple. All were baptized in the Peaked
Mountain Church near McGaheysville, Rockingham County, Virginia. Some of the
family however lived in what is now present day Page County.


1. Jacob Nicholas
Born: 9 September 1787
Baptized: 4 May 1788 by Christian Streit
Sponsor: Jacob Nicholas

2. Anna Maria Nicholas
Born: 9 October 1788
Baptized: 19 October 1788 by Jacob Weymar
Sponsors: John Risch (Rush) and Anna Maria
Married: 26 January 1809 to John Conrad

3. Lydia Nicholas
Born: 1 December 1794
Baptized: May 1795

4. John Nicholas
Born: 1 January 1801
Baptized: February 1801

5. Lucia Nicholas
Born: 5 December 1803

6. Possibly Elizabeth Nicholas
Born: 18 May 1791
Married: 1814 to Jacob Erasmus Kiblinger
1810 Federal Census: Virginia
Harrisonburg, Rockingham County
Page 36, Line 1

1 Male under 10 years of age
2 Males 45 and over
1 Female under 10 years of age
3 Females 16 thru 25 years of age
1 Female 45 and over
5 Slaves
1820 Federal Census: Virginia
Rockingham County
Page 154

1 Male up to 10 years of age
1 Male 16 to 26 years of age
1 Male 45 and up
1 Female 16 thru 26 years of age
1 Female 45 and up
2 Foreigners not naturalized
1 Engaged in manufacturer
5 Slaves
1830 Federal Census: Virginia
Rockingham County
Page 247, line 15

1 Male 30 to 40 years of age
1 Male 60 to 70 years of age
1 Female under 5 years of age
1 Female 20 to 30 years of age
1 Female 60 to 70 years of age
15 Slaves
Researched and Submitted by Gloria Bushong

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