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From: Peter & Nancy Pfaff <>
Subject: Loyalists, CT>NB
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 16:29:38 -0400

I have a book called "Connecticut's Loyalists" by Robert A. East (1974;
Pequot Press, Chester, CT; ISBN 87106-146-5) that I borrowed from our local
library. There are some names of people who went to New Brunswick from

Genereal info- About 6000 Loyalist soldiers and heads of families became
permanent settlers of New Brunswick, percentage coming from New York 40%,
New Jersey 22% Connecticut 13%. An unknown percentage returned to the U.S.
from New Brunswick.

Passenger list of Connecticut people who took the ship "Union", leaving
Huntingon, Long Island, April 1783, to New York City, to New Brunswick, May
1783, settling primarily in Kingston, and later some moving up the river to
Woodstock, Kings Co. Sister ships were the "Hope" and the "Aurora".

Fyler DIBBLEE, Stamford
Walter DIBBLEE, Stamford
William DIBBLEE, Stamford
John LYON, Redding
John LYON, Jr, Redding
Reuben LYON, Redding
David PICKET, Stamford
Ebenezer DEFOREST, Redding
Seth SQUIRES, Stratford
Seth SQUIRES, Jr, Stratford
Abram CARRINGTON, Milford
William STRAIGHT, Killingsworth
Seth SEELEY, Stamford
Seth SEELEY, Jr, Stamford
Israel HAIT, Norwalk
Widow Mary RAYMOND, Norwalk
Silas RAYMOND, Norwalk
James PICKET, Norwalk
Louis PICKET, Norwalk
Walter BATES, Stamford
John GORDON, Danbury
Joseph LYON, "Connecticut" possibly Fairfield
Widow Hester BURLOCK, Norwalk
Stephen FOUNTAIN, Stamford
Abram DICKERSON, New Haven
George LUMSDEN, New Haven
Elias SCRIBNER, Norwalk
Hezekiah SCRIBNER, Norwalk
Thaddeus SCRIBNER, Norwalk
Joseph FERRIS, Newtown
Solomon TUCKER, Stamford
Daniel SMITH, New Milford
Abel BARDSLEY, Fairfield
Ephraim LANE, Fairfield
John MARVIN, Norwalk

These towns are primarily on the southwestern shoreline of Connecticut,
traditionally the most conservative area of the state. Most were Anglican.

Other names mentioned in the book, for which more info may be available-

Rev. Samuel PETERS, Hebron
Walter BATES, Stamford
also to Kingston, NB

Rev. John SAYRE, Fairfield
Rev. John SCOVILL, Waterbury
Rev. Samuel ANDREWS, Wallingford
Rev. Roger VIETS, Simsbury
Rev. Samuel CLARK, New Milford
Rev. James NICHOLS, Bristol
Rev. John BEARDSLEY, Norwich to Poughkeepsie, NY
Settled in NB after 1783, all Anglican

Abiathar CAMP, New Haven
Joseph CHANDLER, New Haven to London, Eng, to NB
Joseph CLARKE, Stratford
Ledicia COOK, New Haven
Joseph LYON, Fairfield
Daniel SMITH, New Milford
Edward THORP, Stamford
JARVIS/JERVIS family- Rev. Abraham, Stratford, Danbury, Norwalk

WELL! I hope someone gets some use out of this. If you need more info,
small as it is, on the above names (not the ones on the passenger list)
please e-mail me directly.

Nancy Pfaf

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