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Subject: Boswell Research
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 17:56:12 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, I have started a search for early records that might help me (us) get
back in time to the immigration of our ancestors. Some surprises, and some
As I look for Boswell lineage and I run across other names, I try to include
Such as:
Bagwell , Boswell Surname-
Early immigrant(1600-1700) misc. information.

Henry Bagwell Age 35 in1608. From London to VA on Ship Deliverance.
Henry Bagwell - 1623 Muster( Census) VA, @ West & Sherlow Hundred.
Henry Bagwell - 1626 Patent 50 ac Carporacon(Corp.) Charlestown VA
Thomas Bagwell- ( Same as Henry - 1623 Census)
Thomas Bagwell - 4 Feb 1624 Muster @ Neck of Land near James City
Peter Bagwell - 9 Dec 1685 to Barbados on ship Nephos along with 99 others.
He was charged with treason as a result of the Manmouths Rebellion in
1685(England). 10 year servitude. His Master was Nichlos ? plantation
owner/overseer in Barbados.
Note: He was not alone. Many others (100s)were shipped off to Barbados for
the same involvement in the rebellion. After the 10 years was up many had
married and were given TICKETS to America. We also find many convicts were
sent to Barbados.( It would be interesting if someone could research this
part of our history.) It must be understood that a convict could be a person
in the poorhouse that could not meet obligations. Their children were put in
orphanages and indentured out at ages from 3- teens.

Isaac Boswell- 1620- England to Maryland
John Boswell - 1630 - England to Salem Mass
John Boswell- 21 May 1635 age 17, to St Christopher on Ship Mathew .Edward
Boswell- 22 Jun 1635. Master of ship Defence, London to America
Samuel Boswell (age 23) - 1635 From London to VA on ship Primrose.
Thomas Boswell- 1637- England to VA.
Eliza Boswell - 1650- England to VA.
Samuel Boswell - 1650 England to VA. Most all were indentured
Morch Boswell - 1655 - England to VA
Thomas Boswell- 1655- England to VA
John Boswell - 1683- England to VA
Wm. Boswell - 1720- convict, England to Maryland Plantation
John Boswell - 1720- convict, England to Maryland Plantation
Edward Boswell- 1726- convict, England to Maryland.
John Boswell - 1726- convict, England to Maryland.
Mary Boswell - 1726- convict, England to Maryland
Bush Boswell - 1740- England to VA
Charles Boswell Sr.- 1740 Ditto
Charles Boswell Jr.-1740 Ditto
Letica Boswell - 1740 Ditto
Hanna Boswell - 1740 Ditto
Ann Boswell - 1745 - convict, England to Maryland.
Mary Boswell - 1751- convict, England to Maryland.
Samuel Boswell - 1773- convict, Ditto
Benjamin Boswell- 1775- England to PA.

Virginia Tax Payer List- 1782 Boswell's
Edward Boswell 1 freeman, Prince Wm. CO.
Elizabeth Boswell - 10 Slaves Fauquire CO.
Francis Ann Boswell- 9 Slaves, Henrico CO.
George Boswell- 2 freeman, Prince Wm. CO.
George Boswell - 1 freeman, Berkley CO.
Hackett Boswell - 1 freeman, Augusta CO.
John Boswell - 1 freeman, Berkley CO
Col.John Boswell- 1 freeman, 28 slaves, Loudon CO.
Joseph Boswell - 5 slaves, Lunenburg CO.
Thomas Boswell - Loudon CO.
Wm. Boswell - Prince Wm. CO
Wm. Boswell - 1 freeman, 6 slaves, Brunswick, CO.
Note: Indigent's did not have to list. So if the old 80/20% rule applies then
there were many more Boswells there in 1782.

Richard Boswell- 26 Nov 1811 Passport to travel thru Creek Nation from
Barnwell District S.C. Issued by Gov. of GA. Also a Philip Phillips- 8 May
1810 issued a passport thru Creek Nation from Marion district, S.C..(The
above are of interest to me.)

Now if any of you can make a connection to above, then effort is worthwhile.
If you need a reference to source just e-mail me .

Bill Botting.

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