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From: "Frank Neher" <>
Subject: BOURNES of Early Virginia
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 20:04:42 -0700

The following is the introduction or Chapter 1, of the book THE BOURNES OF EARLY
VIRGINIA by Richard Darden Bourne. This is shown now to create interest and
perhaps inspire further discussion of the first known ancestor we have in

I have information in my database that will change the impression and tradition
as to the given name of the first Bourne. John was assigned by RDB but we have
evidence that his name was Andrew. Earl Bourne will be posting his findings as
soon as he is able to compare notes. Enjoy and by all means let us have your
comments, suggestions for correction and additions.

Frank Neher
Richard Darden Bourne --From the manuscript located in the vertical file at the
Kentucky Hisorical Society Library at Frankfort, KY.

The name Bourne in English means boundary; It is BURN in Scotland; Borne in
the Saxon form; and BOERNE in the German form. In England, the River Bourne
flows southward thru England until it reaches the sea where the town of
Bournesmouth now stands. It runs through many shires including Somersetshire,
Lincolnshire, Devonshire, Yorkshire and others. In this region, the Bourne
family evidently originated, spreading over southern England. They are very
common in London today, the telephone directory there has several pages of
them. In Bournes went to Ireland with Cromwells Army and according to one
informant, settled near Dublin. Some of their descendants later came to
America. It appears that the name BOURNE was common in Somersetshire as early
as the 13th century. The descendants of the BOURNE who came to Massachusetts
about 1630 say that the first of their line came from Lincolnshire. They have
kept a rather detailed account of their line and Mr. Richard Bourne of
Massachusetts recently published a book on his family. The Virginia branch in
America evidently started from immigrants who came about the middle of the 17h
century. A later chapter will discuss this as there is some doubt about which
of the several Bournes who came to America in the 1600s are our ancestors.

The name has been spelled in many ways and gives much difficulty in reading old
records. In England, we find the name Bourne and in one place deBorns and
deBourne, which may be of the same family. In the book, Visitations of Kent,
1619, the name has been spelled in many ways as well. Among them being some
variaions due to handwriting and some other spelling doe to pronunciations.
Probably, people who bear the names, Bourns, Boren, Boarne, Berne, Bowine,
Bowne, and Bourn started with Bourne. We do know that some of our own Bournes
dropped the e from their names. Some have said that Bowen is a Wel;sh name
and did not come from Bourne. When written, the words Bourne and Browne look
similar and it may be that these two families may have some common ancestors.

Many Bournes went from England in the early 1600s to Barbados and I have met
men from there who say that there are numbeous Bourne families there today.
Hottens book on Immigrants gives the names of many of these Bournes who went
to Barbados. Nothing was ever published on the Virginia Bournes until a few
years ago when a small book on the Carter-Gilmore family came out giving some
items on the Bournes of Virginia. It is not safe to rely on it for data on
Bournes, Mortons and Newmans for it is full of errors.

Tradition, says one writer, states that there was an Edward Bourne with Captain
John Smith in one of his early trips to Virginia. I have never seen this but in
Smiths History of Virginia, 1593-1629, the statement is made that on the 24th
of July, (no year), Captain Smith set forward to finish the discovery with 12
men, whose names were given as follows: Nathanial Powell, Thomas Momford,
Richard Fetherston, Mitchell Siclemore, JAMES BOURNE, Richard Keals, James
Watkins, William Ward. This discovery was near the Rappahannock, and one of the
points was named Point Bourne.

John BOURNE, who we call John II, is our earliest authenticated ancertor as we
have his will, which will be given at the end of he chapter. This will was
recorded on the 20th day of June, 1721, Essex County, VA. Therefore, John died
sometime before, leaving his wife Elizabeth Johnson Bourne and 8 children all
young, John Bourne III was the oldest and as he was born in 1707 he was 14 years
of age at his fathers death and the rest were younger. We do not know what
became of Elizabeth, or how she managed her children, but with the Taliaferro
connection, they were cared for. There is an inventory of John Bourne' estate
at the Essex County, VA courthouse. The will was made October 23, 1720 and
probated the 20th of June 1721, so John Bourne II probably died in the early
part of 1721. From the will, we know that John Bourne II had the following

1. JOHN BOURNE III, married lst a Miss Ramsey. There were three children. She
may have been a member of the Ramsey family of Virginia which immigrated to
Tennessee in the early days.
He married 2nd Eleanor Davis. His story will be in a separate sections since
there are hundreds of descendants.

2. ANDREW BOURNE, married Jane Morton, daughter of William Morton of Orange
County, VA. He may have been the next son and perhaps born about 1709.

3. ROBERT BOURNE, no further record of him.

4. FRANCIS BOURNE, no further record.

5. HENRY BOURNE, married Anne Morton, twin sister of Jane Morton, daughters of
William Morton. The wife of William Morton was named Anne and JMB (JAMES MORTON
BOURNE), and others have said was a Mothershead but after exhaustive search
Mrs. Whatley has found no proof of it and we can only say we do not know her
maiden name. An excursus will be written with the results of her search.

6. CHRISTIAN BOURNE, nothing further is known of her.

7. SARAH BOURNE, according to Mr. Lillard (ESL she married a Morton. This idea
came from tradition, probably from JMB and ESL found a will of a John Morton who
married a Sarah and I think he erred but I am not sure sine I never saw his

All of the above data was proved according to ESL by deeds, will, family papers,
family bibles, tombstones and legal papers in law suits. The original papers
are now in the DAR records in Washington.

There are many descendants of the above Bournes---John III, Andrew, and Henry.
The rest of this genealogy will take up the progeny.

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