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Subject: [BOWLES] Abner Bowell, possibly Bowles/Boles in NC
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2007 13:22:49 EST

Linne and list,

There was an Abner Bowell in Cumberland Co. NC during the late 1700s and
early 1800s. He was son of a Lewis Bowell, as documented in the Lewis Bowell
will dated 1795. I transcribed what I could from the will which is quite hard
to read. The will plus some other records are copied below.

The Abner in NC was clearly older than the one b. in Humphrey Co. TN in
1811. But there may be a family connection. As we all know, Abner is not a very
common Bowles name.

I have looked at this line in Cumberland Co. in some detail trying to
discover any links to my line. Geographically, Cumberland Co. is "just down the
road" from Montgomery Co. NC where my ancestor Benjamin Bowles died in 1844.
Also, after the death of my ancestor Benjamin in 1844, one and possibly more
of his descendants moved east into Cumberland Co. So far, I haven't been able
to find any connection. There was a Benjamin Bowell in the 1800 Cumberland
Co. census, but he is a mystery. I would love to know who he was and if he
was part of this Lewis/Abner group.

There also was an Eliza Bowell who married an Ochiltree in Cumberland Co. in
the early years of the 1800s. I have her marriage record somewhere, but not
coming up with it right now.

I think it's interesting that this family in Cumberland Co. appears to be
consistently identified as Bowell and not Bowles/Boles etc. But I don't have
any theories on what the name really was. Abner Bowell seems to have been
pretty prosperous in that he served as bondsman for a number of marriages (see
below). Also, Lewis Bowell was literate enough to sign his will in 1795.

This is about all I know about these people. There was an isolated record
(maybe two) for a Lewis Boles earlier in the Granville/Bute/Warren Cos. area
of northern NC. This line in Cumberland Co. may have come south from that

I am recovering from some minor hand surgery and major cervical disk
surgery, so can't post much right now due to limited typing ability. But, I wanted
to get this info out in case it provides some sort of lead.


From NC Census data:

Lewis Bowell Cumberland Co. 1790 Census
Abner Bowell Cumberland Co. 1800 Census
Benjamin Bowel Cumberland Co 1800 Census
Abner Bowel Cumberland Co 1810 Census
>From Cumberland Co. NC Wills, 1757-1955
Lewis Bowell, April 1795
Fayetteville, January 10th 1795
In the memory of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, in this my last will
and testament I bequeath to my loving wife REBECA this house and lot in ____
____ during her life and then to be divided between ABNER and LEWIS. Should
there not be debts _______ on the book to discharge the debts due the other
land must be sold and the remainder to be divided between them both.
Witnessed: Joseph Hays
John Murchison
Signed: Lewis Bowell (could write his name)
>From Cumberland Co. NC Marriages:
Bride: Polly Benton
Groom: William Price
Bond Date: 24 Jan 1811
County: Cumberland
Record #: 02 250
Bondsman: William Bignall; Abner T Bowell
Witness: Robinson Mumfor
Bond #: 000034752
Bride: Abigail Burkloe
Groom: James Kelley
Bond Date: 17 Sep 1808
County: Cumberland
Record #: 01 153
Bondsman: Abner F Bowell
Witness: Robinson Mumfor
Bond #: 000033238
Bride: Mary Clark
Groom: William Chapman
Bond Date: 24 Jan 1804
County: Cumberland
Record #: 01 060
Bondsman: Abner Bowell
Witness: Robinson Mumfor
Bond #: 000031757
Bride: Susannah Guy
Groom: James R King
Bond Date: 20 Mar 1817
County: Cumberland
Record #: 01 155
Bondsman: Abner T Bowell
Witness: Robinson Mumfor
Bond #: 000033274
Bride: Catharine McPhinas
Groom: John McRae
Bond Date: 31 May 1809
County: Cumberland
Record #: 01 201
Bondsman: Abner J Bowell
Witness: Robinson Mumfor
Bond #: 000033982

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